Mistakes // Luke Hemmings

Everybody makes their greatest mistake.

Serena is a new popstar rising up to fame. She is the opening act for 5 Seconds of Summer. Will their feelings get in the way of their friendship or will their friendship get in the way of their feelings?


2. Chapter 2

sorry i haven't updated! i just started school and you know school is annoying lol 

btw the first chapters are really boring but i have to write them so you know what's going on ya feel 


Serena's p.o.v

"Oh my god they are super adorbs!!!!" I hear Kendall scream for the 50th time.

Kendall and I finally made up after our fight at school. We're watching the movie "Endless Love" and she won't shut up. Literally.

"I wish Scott and I could've ended up like this. I mean-"

"Kendall, stop thinking of Scott. It's just gonna make you upset and you don't deserve that." I tell her.

I feel really bad for her. Scott meant everything to her and he just left. I wish I had experience with guys. I never even had one boyfriend. And then of course as I'm thinking of boys and everything, Kendall asks me this...

"So who are you crushing on?!"

"Oh my god, I told you like a million times I really don't like anyone." I say trying to hide a smile.

"That is such a lie. You're a really bad liar. Don't ever become an actress because you're terrible at lying," she says while laughing. 

I laugh because it's really true. I am terrible at lying.

"Well actually now thinking of it......i kind of have a crush on Luke Hemmings from 5 Seconds of Summer."

"He is literally perfection. Why can't every guy look like Luke Hemmings?!"

"Hey! I called dibs!" I say while laughing. "Just kidding, it's never gonna happen anyway."

"Don't say that, you never know," Kendall tries to convince to me.

"Oh yes, I do know. Luke would never even look at a girl like me. So we can just drop the whole thing." 

next day


My phone has been ringing all morning and it's only 8 a.m. Ughhhh who could this be and what do they want? 

"Hey Serena! It's your producer Joey. Guess who's album is getting released way earlier than expected?!"

"WHAT?!?! You're joking, you have to be joking!!!!" I say basically screaming. 

"Nope! I'm not joking! And I have even better news. If the album reaches number 1 in 24 hours, you won't have to finish junior year of high school. And you wanna know why?"

"Why?" I say getting really excited.

"Because 5 Seconds of Summer is looking for an opening act for their new tour and I called and told them about you. The producer said if you make it to number 1 then you're the opening act!" 

I almost dropped my phone. 5 Seconds of Summer. The world's biggest band. I could be performing in front of thousands of people doing what I love. With 5 Seconds of Summer. Holy crap. 

"Uhh Serena?? You there?"

"5 Seconds of Summer?"

"5 Seconds of Summer."

"Oh my god," I say still amazed at what I just heard.

"I actually got the guys and their producer here, so come on down to the studio!"

"O-okay I'll be there soon!"

I can not believe this. Not only are they amazing musicians. But I literally have the biggest crush on Luke. No no no! I can not let my feelings get in the way of this. I have to stay focused on music and that's all.


yay chapter 2 woohoo hoped you liked it 

Oh "s" and "k" are nicknames for serena and kendall just in case you were confused!



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