Mistakes // Luke Hemmings

Everybody makes their greatest mistake.

Serena is a new popstar rising up to fame. She is the opening act for 5 Seconds of Summer. Will their feelings get in the way of their friendship or will their friendship get in the way of their feelings?


1. Chapter 1

hiyaa. so before i start this story, i just wanted to say that i already started writing this fanfic on wattpad. so if you see the same story it's meeee lol 


Serena's p.o.v.

This was the first week back at school from spring break and I couldn't care less. All I could focus on is what happened over the break. 

So apparently, my whole family thinks I have a great voice and that I'm "super talented" or whatever. they told me that I should go and work with a producer and see how far that would get me. So I did..and where am I now? Back at school.....

The producer made me record an album and told me it could be released shortly. He told me that I just needed to get through junior year or high school.

All I could think about is me being on stage doing what I love. But how could I focus on that when I'm back at this hell hole?

"Hey biooooootch!" I yelled after Kendall.

Kendall is literally my bestest friend ever. We've been friends for as long as I remember.

"What do you want? You literally haven't spoken to me at all during the break."

"I'm sorry..I told you I was going to LA."

"You weren't even there for me when Scott broke up with me. What kind of best friend are you?!" She said quite rudely.

"Kendall oh my god, I'm so sorry. You should've called or texted, I- I didn't even have the time to call my parents or anyt-"

"Save it S. All you care about is yourself. I heard about your new album being released or whatever the hell you wanna call it. I am extremely happy for you I just don't wanna show it right now because I'm supposed to be mad at you."

"Whatever K, I said I was sorry and I didn't know Scott broke up with y-"

As soon as we were gonna start getting along, the bell rings.

"I'll text you later Kendall! Please don't be mad at me! Love you girl!"

"Ugh whatever."



i know luke wasn't in this chapter yet but i promise he will be. please let me know what you think. thank you:) 

you could follow my twitter @0mghemmings if you want :)

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