Ive got this friend|| Luke Hemmings


1. Chapter 1

"Jake! get down here" I heard my father yell.

I got up off my bed and lazily walked down the stairs into my kitchen "jake you know you can do better than this" my father says disapprovingly while looking down at the piece of paper also known as my report card, all goes well until I get a 'B' on my report card who cares about it. I ran up my stairs and made my way to my room full of dirty clothes and my drawings, I ran to my closet and grabbed my favourite black skinny jeans and white minecraft shirt with black vans and my hair in its usual side fringe and wavy blonde locks, if you must know I'm a girl.

I didn't eat breakfast knowing that my dad will scold me for getting a supposedly 'bad grade' like he does every summer. I was walking to my friend, Dylan's house. Dylan and I have been planning a surprise birthday party for our friend, skeeter.

I ran down the damp sidewalk and found myself in front of Dylan's small, brick house. She lives there with her dad, but he's barely ever around.

I opened the front door to Dylan's house, not bothering to knock on the door.

"Dylan! Where are you?" I drop my bag on the couch.

"Kitchen!" Dylan shouts from the kitchen

I walk towards the kitchen.

"I ordered balloons, we have to pick them up at the dollar store" Dylan says.

"Deal" I nod my head and we proceed to the car.

When we got there we were greeted by a boy that was about our age that was about a little taller than 6 feet tall and had blonde hair in a fringe style and some wonderful blue eyes. we looked around for cards that said 17 because Skeeter is turning 17, we are looking for blue things too for the party because she likes that colour.

When we were done getting the stuff we went to the counter and told the same boy named Luke, as it says on his name tag, "we have balloons that we ordered too." "Okay,let me go get them" he muttered as he went over to several bundles of balloons and grabbed the polka dot white and blue balloons and handed them to us after ringing us up. He seemed a bit down "um..would you like to come to my friends birthday party?..you don't have to bring a gift." I said while looking down and blushing, a smile played on his pink lips "sure, here is my number" he handed me a piece of paper and our bags and we left to get ready.

On our way to Dylan's house we went to my house to get my stuff then we went to her house. We ran to her room "go take a shower while I call skeet" Dylan said "okay" I simply said and walked in the bathroom and took a shower, after I took a shower I sprayed my vanilla body splash and rolled on some deodorant and putting on an under wear and bra while I put on a tribal print skirt with a white tank top and a salmon coloured cardigan and my black vans I straightened my hair then curled it, then I went to the mirror and took eye liner and carefully swiped it across my eye then put some mascara on.

I left the bathroom and Dylan was already done so all we have to do is decorate and wait for our new friend Luke and the other guests.

Luke's Pov

I got invited to a party. So now I'm getting ready. I'm excited to go to that party, because i secretly had a huge crush on that girl, her name is Jake.

I made my way to the car then I realised, she didn't tell me the address two words oh.joy now I have to look around the stupid ass neighbourhood to find the party. As I was driving I saw a house covered in the polka dot balloons...finally I'm first, perfect. I ring the door bell and Jake answered, she looked gorgeous, while I was just wearing my black pants and all black vans with a red button up shirt and my hair in its usual style.

Why does she have to be so pretty. I was interrupted by my thoughts when Jake started talking.

"Do you want to come in?"

"Oh! yeah sorry, I was just thinking when my friend would get here"

Jake chuckled and I followed her through the house.

A few minutes later the door bell rang and my friend Josh came through the door, Jake's friend, Dylan, following him.

Jake's POV

As everyone piled in I told them to hide for the big surprise for skeet, she would be here any minute.

I hid behind the couch, Luke came next to me. Skeet came in the small house "SURPRISE!" we all yelled as we jumped up. Her face...priceless, I walked over to her while handing her a coke "Happy Birthday" i shouted over the loud music "thanks, who is this?" she chuckled looking at Luke "he is my new friend, Luke" with that in the corner of my eye i saw Luke blushing.

The party wasnt one of those crazy partys it was mellow, Luke was next to me the whole time, i liked that alot he was really sweet. I woke up with Luke on the other side of the couch, that i was found sleeping on too i wrote a note saying

Dear Dylan,Luke and skeet,

im going home because i dont feel like dealing with making you breakfast and i want to sleep also this note has no proper grammer so live with it.

love, Jake

When i got home i ate quickly then i went to sleep.



i heard my phone buzzing

Skeet: Luke needs your number can I give it to him?

Me:sure as long as he doesn't give it to anyone.

After that I put on black jeans a nirvana shirt and a beanie also some all black vans. I ran to my car ignoring my brothers Damian and Jason asking where I'm going. I sat in my car while starting it and turning the radio on, I drove until I got to a cafe in town, called 'Kerry's Cafe'.

when I got in I sat down at a table while taking off my jacket, I just sat there until I got a text

Unknown:it's me luke I got your number :)

Me: ooh a pedo smile 😂

Me: I'm at Kerry's cafe.

With that I walked over to the bathroom fixing my eyeliner. when I got back some kid was sitting in my chair bastard! when I got over the kid was Luke "Hey, son of a bitch why are you in my chair" I said In a man voice "oh I'm sorry sir I didn't know..Jake!" he exclaimed "wow you thought I was a man,im so flattered" I smiled "oh im sorry" he said narrowing his eyes towards a guy that looked a little over our age looking at me..if you ask me creepy "so Luke when can I meet your band?" I said trying to change the subject

"Uh...um..i don't know"he replied

Nervously, i just sat there not knowing what to do, the guy was looking at us he had Carmel hair that was curly in the front some dimples with hazelish eyes.


Hi, I deleted my books for this super special not to mention here to stay BOOK! :) -Kaitlin 🃏

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