''Ghost girl''

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  • Published: 1 Sep 2014
  • Updated: 1 Sep 2014
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A scary story you definately do not want to hear at night Leave the lamp on because if you read it your skin will start to shiver. Marina is very near you...


1. perfect

   These events occurred in 1023. It was a dark year for the people of Dubrovnik. From that year on, exactly at 10:23h in the morning, a girl appeared in front of people's eyes. Her name was Marina. This girl was special. Beautiful, with long dull black hair and brought a malediction with herself.

Once she was from flesh and bone but now she's just a providence. A beautiful but but revengeful ghost.

   But what exactly happened for this girl to spread her rage around this Balkan city?

 According to the legend, a young couple decided to spend a romantic weekend on an island near Dubrovnik- Lokrum. It was famous among young in love couples and many of them spent cozy lonesome nights. Many of the couples also tied the knot there. Lokrum was really magical small island.

  Marina also wished to get marry there and she prepared a little surprise for her boyfriend but the boy spoiled everything and humiliated his girlfriend by cheating her with another pretty chapess that was on the same island.

  The ghost girl caught the unfaithful young man on the''crime scene'' and cursed the island of Lokrum and all men around the world who are cheaters. Then Marina took his boyfriend's soul but the foreign girl left alive. After that scary rite, she jumped into the ocean and from that mysterious night on no one saw her again.

 People say she reincarnated into a mermaid and once every year she uses the power of the water for destructible purposes. Others have seen her riding a big black horse, dressed in white light attire and a wreath of daisies on her head.

 Some claim that a local fisherman found her body and buried her and many people confirm sawing her rise from the grave and shouted''I curse all men who cheats their girls. I damn you forever''

 No matter how she appears, one thing is certain-Marina takes men's souls and left them die on the ground.

 Are the people who tell this story insane? Is the ghost girl really exists or she was just the fruit of people's vivid imagination? Was this only an old story with which parents try to scare their naughty children? I cannot tell you for sure but I have seen a lot of cases of strange deaths of men who is proven to disrespect their girlfriends or wives.

 Next time if you intend to cheat your love one , think twice and know that you might be Marina's next victim. I start hearing screams ….

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