My Addiction.

ad•dic•tion (n.)
the fact or condition of being addicted to a substance, thing, activity.. Or in this case, person.


4. The Park.


Ugh. It's no fair that I had to work. At least i can go home now. I take out my phone and call cheyenne. "Hey girr." I say while closing my car door. "Heyyy!" I hear a chorus of greetings. "I'm on my way home. The house better not be destroyed." I say out of all seriousness. "We aren't even at home. We went out skating. Meet us at the park and bring a blanket." Cheyenne states and hangs up. Ugh. She's crazy.


"This is gonna be great! She loves you so this will be awesome." I smile and we skate to the park. I set up a date for Jack and Destiny. "This is perfect. The moonlight is right above the pond. Set everything out on the dock. Here is the food. When will she be here?" Nash says. "In like 2 minutes." I say and set my board down. "Text me and let me know how it turns out." Nash and I say at the same time. Jack looks so nervous. He will love destiny. Everyone does. "Where do you wanna go?" I ask Nash who is silently skating beside me. The wind is rushing at us, causing us to become cold. "How about we go for a walk? I know the perfect place." He smiles and picks up our boards and places them in the car. He suddenly grabs my hand and laces his fingers with mine. The feeling I get from this is just unexplainable. We walk down a road that leads to a field. He takes me over to a hill and I lay down the blanket he grabbed. This is so romantic. Just laying here looking up at the stars. "Cheyenne?" Nash turns and adjusts himself and his jacket which was covering us. "Yeah?" I ask. I look over to find a look of worry drowning his beautiful features. "What if Destiny doesn't like Jack as much as you told him? What if he ruins something? What if he says something stupid?" His cheeks grow pink. He isn't talking about Jack anymore. He's talking about the inner battle with himself. "I think he is doing fine. He hasn't messed up yet and I'm sure he won't. Everything will be fine. Just relax." I place a hand on his shoulder and he pulls me close. We both relax at each others touches. The tension is relieved from the cool winter air. "Another thing..." Nash's voice trails. "Sure. What's up?" I pull the jacket closer to me and Nash. "Tomarrow, can I take you out to dinner?" He smiles and bites his lip. "Yes. I would love to go to dinner with you." I smile back. My outside is calm and collected but my inner fangirl is taking over. I just want to scream at the top of my lungs, But I can't.

Sorry it's been a while. School was rough. I got in a fight and boy was that fun. (Note the sarcasm.) Anywhooooo, I'm so sorry and I'm still writing lol.

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