My Addiction.

ad•dic•tion (n.)
the fact or condition of being addicted to a substance, thing, activity.. Or in this case, person.


2. Oh. My. Wow.


"Hey Nash! You said you were bored.. Right?" I grin at him while taking a sip of my coke.

"Yeah. Since Cameron got a girlfriend, he's never home anymore." Nash sighs. "Well, c'mon then! I have a girl I want you to meet! Her name is Cheyenne!" I stand up and pull Nash up off the couch. "Now go get cleaned up." I push him towards the stairs. With no objections, he lazily climbs up the steps. "I'll be down here. Hurry up!" I rush him. "I'm hurrying!" He laughs. I fix my hair and spray my cologne and Nash walks down. "Lookin good bro!" I high five him and grab the keys.


What if this girl don't like me? I wonder if she likes to skate. What does she look like?? "So tell me about this girl. Cheyenne?" I ask, locking my phone. "Well, she's short. Probably 5'5. Ummm. She has reddish brown highlighted hair to her shoulders. She likes to skate and she's from Georgia." He turns onto a road. "She seems cool. She likes to skate so that's good. I'm actually excited to meet her." I smile and we pull into a driveway. It's a very large and nice house. We are greeted by the girl I'm assuming is Cheyenne. "Hey Jack!" She greets while hugging him. "Cheyenne, this is Nash. Nash, this is Cheyenne." Jack casually introduces us. I place my hand in hers and our eyes meet. In the short moment we shared, I felt and instant connection. It feels as if I'm being pulled towards her by gravity.


Oh. He's even taller in person. As soon as our hands touched, I felt an undescribable connection. I've never felt this way before. "Please, come in! Destiny went to go get Taco Bell. She asked me to text her your orders." I smile and take out my phone. I get a text and say she got called into work and that she can't get the food too. She works at the hospital as a MLT. "Well, she just got called into work. That sucks. It's only a half shift so..we have until 11." I pout. She always gets called into work. "We can still watch movies?" Nash suggests. I get chills when he talks. He is just so. Oh my.

"Sure! The movies are in the in the cabinet under the tv. I'll be right back." I walk upstairs to go change.


"So? What do you think so far?" He raises and eyebrow. "I think she is beautiful and has an amazing personality so far, and I love her country accent." I feel my cheeks heat just talking about her. This is crazy. I don't even really know her yet. "Yay!!!" He fist bumps the air. I hear Cheyenne walk back in the room. She is wearing black rolled American Eagle sweats and a peach shirt. Her hair is in a bun and her face is free of makeup. That is extremely hot. "Did you guys pick a movie?" She asks us. "Yeah. I chose "The Conjuring." Jack smirks. Her smile grows wide and her eyes light up. "Perfect!" She jumps on the couch after she puts the movie in the player. She sits next to me on the couch and Jack is next to her. The lights are dimmed and it's getting pretty creepy. This movie is great though.


Nash is so into her. I can see it in his eyes. I just don't know if he knows what he's gotten into. I mean, yeah, she's beautiful and funny but she is also dangerous. Girls like this can be a disaster. I hope she proves me wrong. "SELFIE!" I randomly scream, scaring both of them. "Jack!" They both scream at the same time. I can't help but crack up. I take a quick picture of all 3 of us and send it to both of them. "This is a great picture." Cheyenne smiles.

This is a great night. I can't wait to meet Destiny.

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