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Jamie Kark Is moving in with her dads new girl friend, she meets the mums son and falls in love, what will they do before her dad and step mum get married !?!


1. Day 1

"WAKKKE UP" dad shouts

"What" I say

"You' know, were moving in with Amber today" dad says

"Amber.... Oh your girl friend" I remember

"And her son" he reminds me

"Son, how old" I ask

"17 like you" dad tells me

"I'm gunna get ready bye dad" I say

I put on my make up and my tight black dress and I put on some ballet pumps,

"C'mon Hun" dad yells

"I'm coming" I say as I drag my suite case down stairs


It khloe my bff

Khloe-Hey sister how's things going x

Me- txt u Latrr gotta run xx

Khloe- kk :p x

*hour later*

I'm left here stranded on my own, dad and amber are going out, shit were do I go

I walk across he landing, and suddenly a boy bursts out his room, I fall over,

"Shit" I scream

"Hi you must be jaime" he says as he lifts me up

"Yeah... And you" I ask

"I'm Cameron" he tells me

"Hi, call me Jess, I know it's weird, but it's just cause I hate my name. So yeah jess" I tell him

"Call me cam" he insists

"Your hot" I say

"Wait did I say that out load" I say again looking down at the floor

"hah... Thanks loads... Your sick" he tells me

💖end of chapter sorry it's short💖

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