Diseases from Love

I always believed that love could heal and make people happy but realized that all of that was bullshit. Love is a disease and it affects you in so many ways. You might think that there is good love and bad love but at the end, it will kill you.


2. The Beginning

Hi, I'm Jetta. I am really bad at introductions but I'm going to try. Well I'm 20 years old and I live in Brooklyn, New York. I have a older brother and a younger one so that makes me the middle sibling. I am single... and I am probably going to be like this forever since.. yeah. Well I am going to describe what happened from the point when I was 18 and in the middle of my last school year because my therapist thinks its a good idea. So good luck. WARNING: My life is fucked up. 


I quickly exited my car and locked it before dashing inside the school. I heard the late bell as i was navigating to my first class. I opened the door to my chemistry classroom and took a seat in my usual seat. 
"Late again Ms. Anderson."
I didn't reply but instead got out my books and a random pencil. 
"Are you going to reply?" My shitty teacher asked. I shrugged with a slight smirk visible on my face. 
She rolled her eyes and glared at me with her hawk eyes. 
"Aw Miss, you're starting to look like the four year old I babysit. How mature of you to roll your eyes." My best friend who sat beside me nudged me harshly in the side to signal for me to shut up but I obviously don't listen. 
"I really-" I was interrupted by my principal and a mysterious blue eyed boy walking through the classroom door. 
"Sorry Ms. Haley for interrupting your class but we have a new student present today."

Really? A new student half way through the senior year? 

I thought as i sat back and tilted my chair back. 
"No problems Mr Burns." My teacher said as she winked with her disgusting wrinkly eye. I saw Mr. Burns grimace but nodded politely. 
"Please be nice to David and Ida, can you please show him around?"
"Of course sir." My best friend replied. This is a perk of being best friends with the best student of our grade. Notice my sarcasm. 
"Great" I muttered. He had to hang out with us and today I really wasn't in the mood to socialize with a random stranger. 
"Be nice Jetta." Ida whispered back. I rolled my eyes but actually obeyed. The new dude came and sat in the empty seat next to me. He looked at me and smiled before getting his stuff out. I didn't answer his gesture and just turned back to my sketch book. 
"I'm David." He said as I was about to start drawing. 
"Cool." I muttered and start sketching the face of Matt Healy from 1975.
"What's your name?" David asked. I just rolled my eyes and breathed a heavy sigh. 
"Look, I thought it was pretty clear that I don't want to talk and you should fuck off so, yeah" I said before turning back to my sketch. 
"Sorry." He whispered. I kinda felt bad for the dude. He was new and I know what that feels like but why try talking to the school bad ass? Why? Everyone knew to leave me the fuck alone or you're gonna get fucked. I mean, even my face said fuck off. Who would wanna hang out or even consider talking to me? So he knew what he was up for when I snapped. 

The bell rang loudly as people shot up and rushed out of the classroom. I packed up my books and pencils as I stood up. 
"Ida, do you really have to show this dude around?" I whispered quietly to her. 
"Yes Jetta, don't be rude." She said as she came around and to him. 
"Hi! I'm Ida and this is my friend Jetta. Don't be intimidated by her or hurt. She's just a bit cold hearted." Ida said to David with a little giggle. 
I glared at her before huffing out loud. 
"Aw, don't be offended. You know I love you." She said with a wink. 
David laughed as he shook his head. 
"Hi Ida, I'm David." He stuck out his hand and she shook it with a huge smile. 
"What's your next class?" Ida asked. He took out his schedule and read it. 
"Okay, I'll take you to Mrs. Fernandez's room. Unfortunately Jetta and I have French now so we won't be there but after French, I will come and meet you."
"Okay, thank you Ida." She smiled and led the way. 
"I'm just going to go to French Ida. Bye Sweetie." I said as I turned and walked away. I already disliked this dude. He was too polite and nice. I know Ida is the same way but I've known her since 1st grade. David is weird and strange. His appearance just made him out as a rich asshole. I shook my head and entered the French room and took a seat as the teacher started her lesson. 


- - - - - - - - 


I entered the lunch room and headed to the back door. I opened the door and left the cafeteria and entered the outdoors. I walked to our tree where my friends and I hang out. I saw David talking with Jude and Ida. I rolled my eyes and was tempted to just leave but I made my way over to them. 
"Hey." I said with a obvious glare to David. I hate how he's hanging out with my friends. Something about David really made me despise him. Maybe it's his look or his facial expression and how happy he looked. I wanted some of his happiness.  
"Jettaaaaaa, have you met David?" Jude slurred with a loud giggle. He was obviously drunk. 
"Yeah" I said while taking a large drink of the whiskey Jude brought. I made a grimace but swallowed it anyway. 
"Nice seeing you again." David said with a stupid smile. 
"Cool." I said as I leaned back on the tree. My other friends named Keith, Violet, and Gerard were coming our way. 
"Hey guys!" Ida said as she unpacked her sandwich.
"Who's this?" Violet said while taking a drag from her cigeratte. 
"I'm David." David said with another fucking smile. 
"What's up, I'm Keith." Keith said. 
"Gerard" Gerard quietly said while finishing his banana. Everyone sat down in different places and passed around the whiskey whilst eating their own lunch. I noticed David didn't have some (Like Ida) and just passed it along. All I did was smoke a joint quietly as other people made small talk. 
"Why don't you like me?" David asked as he scooted closer to me. 
"I don't like a lot of people."
I nodded my head. 
"Could I change your mind about being my friend?" David asked with hopeful eyes. 
"Probably not KId." I said bluntly. 
"Do you want to hang out?"
"Do you not speak english?" I said harshly. 
"I'm sorry. I just don't want you to hate me."
"Deal with it. I know you are used to getting whatever you want but my friendship isn't one of them." I said quite bitchily. 
"Why do you think I'm rich?"
"You give off that vibe." 
"Well, I'm not so stop judging so quickly and get to know me god dammit." I was honeslty surprised by his blow up. 
"Fine. Pick me up at 8. Don't be late nor too early. But be warned that I judge quite harshly so don't be surprised that by the end of this night that we're still not friends." I said while getting up. The bell that indicated that lunch finished rang and I walked away. I already could tell that I am going to regret this. 

And future me does.  






HI guys! First chapter is up!! Sorry that this sucks and is too rushed. Its just the first chapter so don't be so quick to judge like Jetta ;) haha

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