Diseases from Love

I always believed that love could heal and make people happy but realized that all of that was bullshit. Love is a disease and it affects you in so many ways. You might think that there is good love and bad love but at the end, it will kill you.


3. Horrible Dates?

At exactly 8 o'clock, David showed up wearing black jeans and a pastel blue v-neck with blue vans. 
"Hey." David said with another damn smile. 
"Let's just go." I pushed my way out the door and into his black pick up truck. 
"Nice Car." I muttered as he entered the car. 
"Thanks, it took me two summer to buy it."
"I didn't ask for a story."
"Sorry." I looked at him and actually took in his features. He had really bright blue eyes and dark brown hair. I noticed how pale his skin was and how his biceps were huge. My eyes travelled down to his legs and I could tell that he worked out by his quads. 
"Do you do sports?" I asked whilst trying to find a good song on the radio. 
"Yeah, I play basketball and soccer." Scarecrow by My Chemical Romance blasted through the radio and I was quite satisfied with the song so I leaned back on my chair. 
"You?" I shrugged, not really interested in talking about myself. 
"You look pretty Jetta."
"This isn't a date. I'm just trying to see if  you are okay to hang out with at school."
"I know.."  He said quietly. I rolled my idea while wondering what the hell was wrong with this dude. David pulled up to a simple looking cafe and got out of the car. I got out after him before he had the chance to open my door. He opened the cafe door for me and i just walked through without thanking him. I quickly took a seat at a empty booth and flipped through the menu. He slowly sat down and just stared at me. 
"Aren't you going to see what they have?" I mumbled with annoyance. 
"I already know what i want."  He said with a smile. That god damn smile. 
"Do you want to play 20 questions Jetta?" He asked as I sat down the menu. 
"Why not?" 
Our waitress walked up before we had a chance to start. 
"Hi, what do you want?"
"Just give me a cup of coffee." I said while she smacked her gum loudly. 
"Can I have your chocolate cake with some tea please?"
She nodded her head and walked away.  
"You go first." I said then bit my lower lip.  
"18, you?"
"17 but my birthday is in two weeks."
"When's your birthday?" 
"June 8th." 
"That's a nice date." He said with a tiny smile. 
"You're a dork. What music do you like?" I said, trying to hide my smile. I didn't want to show him that he was amusing to me. 
"I mostly like acoustic type of music."
"Okay but what genre of music do you listen to?"
"Indie Rock."
i nodded my head as I accepted his music taste. 
Our waitress came back with a plate of chocolate cake and a cup of tea and coffee. She handed me my coffee and gave David his order. 
"Thank you." David said politely with a smile. She smiled back and left our table. 
"Why do you smile so much?" I blurted out. 
"What's there not to smile about?" He replied. 
"Life" I shot back and his left eye brow raised. 
"Never mind. Just ask a god damn question." I tried not to give him any important details about myself. 
He took a bite of his cake while gesturing me to take some but i automatically shook my head. 
"What's your favorite thing to eat?" He asked while blowing on his tea. I took a sip of my coffee. 
"Probably pizza. Yours?" I said with a tiny sigh. I was already bored of this. 
"Okay?" He smiled widely. 
"Why don't you want some cake?"
"I'm not hungry." I mumbled. I took another sip of my black coffee. He nodded his head with a silence that followed and it was a awkward silence too. He could tell that I was tired of playing 20 q but didn't know what to say. I didn't either because this was the weirdest thing I've done. I mean like we only met this morning. Why does he care so fucking much what I think about him? 
"Why do you care what I think about you? We only met this morning and you gotta understand that I just don't like people and if you think that taking me to a cafe and get me coffee is going to change my mind about you then you are fucking wrong. I just don't tolerate people like you well."
"People like me?"
"All happy." 
"I'm not always happy."
"Then stop smiling if you're unhappy."
"It's better to just smile and get over it then frown all day and never move on from your troubles." I rolled my eyes and huffed. He thinks he's got me all figured out, doesn't he?
"I'm just trying to make friends." He said in a quieter voice. 
"But why me? I basically told you to fuck off in 5 minutes of meeting each other."
"Something about you makes me what to be friends." 
"You are so weird David. I've been a bitch to since this morning and you STILL want to be my friend. I wouldn't want to be friend with me David."
He waited a couple of minutes before answering with, 
"I don't know, I just want to get to know you."
"Just take me home david." I said quietly. I just couldn't figure him out. 
"Okay, I'm sorry" He said quietly as I stood up and walked out. I got into his truck before he even left the cafe. He stepped out and took long strides to his car and got in as well. I turned my back to him and just stared out the window. I heard him sigh and pull out of the cafe. 



I am so sorry that these chapters suck horribly!! I promise the story will get better. Just bare with me >.<

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