Viricide [Calum au]

VIR - (Latin) Man
CIDE- (Latin) Kill


1. Prologue

"Can you describe these men?" The detective asked, taking out a notepad and pen.

"Rabbits, sir, they wore rabbit heads and just casual clothing," Elodie said.

"They just stood there behind trees, making it obvious they were there, then they'd attack," Jamie spoke up.

"They had claws-" Ashton started.

"Claws, don't you mean nails?" The detective corrected.

"No, they had claws, they didn't even have nails, it was animal claws inserted into where their nails should've been," Ashton looked horrified as he spoke, he lifted up his shirt to reveal scrape marks on his side, and back.

"Oh my god," the detective placed his hand over his mouth, shocked at Ashton's wounds.

"I was bleeding for a good half hour before one of these guys appeared and helped me," he pointed to Jennifer. "We all got hurt about the same," he bit down on his lip.

"They're cannibals," Calum mumbled. "They took a chunk of my lower leg off, with their own fucking teeth," he pulled his joggers up to reveal a missing chunk of his leg. None of them had sought help from any sort of doctor yet, they'd been pulled straight into questioning, no matter how serious the injury.

"So what are we dealing with, kids?" The detective questioned. He placed his elbows on the table, leaning forward at the group of teenagers sat, injured and in pain, in front of him.

"Killers," Calum said. "You're dealing with psychotic killers, who only seek food from human flesh," his breathing became quicker. "Who find pleasure in torturing and watching people cry in pain," he kept talking. "Who only want to kill, and hide their identities," his lips quivered, and tears fell from his eyes. "Who take their revenge on you by killing you slowly, so you can watch the ones you love die," more tears fell, and he began to gag. His body shook vigorously as he cried, the others attempted to comfort him but it was no use.

"We need names, son, we need names," the detective yelled, hoping to gain some sort of additional fact.

"Can't you see he's in pain and upset, we need to see a doctor, and we need to be treated," Jennifer screamed. Hitting her hand on his desk, causing him to jolt back, and staring him down. "We've been hunted and watched for over 7 weeks, let us be treated," she pleaded. "I won't take no for an answer, detective, I know you're doing your job but we need time," the detective nodded.

"Fair enough, I'll call a doctor to collect you immediately, we'll be keeping a close eye on you, kids, we'll keep you safe," he smiled weakly.

"Thank you," Jennifer spat sarcastically. "Took you long enough."

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