The curse of Resurrection

Set in 1840.
Will with the help of witch Theo decide to resurrect Iris Cadance, a young woman with mysterious powers and a dangerous past.
Soon they will realise the price of bringing back the dead...


2. The resurrection

“Hold the lamp closer Theo,” Will snapped, gesturing to him to step closer. 
   The smell of rot was lingering on the air and he sucked air through his mouth to avoid the smell. 
   She hung there, swaying on the rope. 
   “Put the lamp down, you need to catch her.” 
    “Yes sir,” he said, and set the lamp down. He walked over to her, seeing her staring at him with those blank blue eyes. His palms were becoming sweaty and he felt uncomfortable wrapping his arms awkwardly around her waist. 
   “I’m sorry about this,” he whispered under his breath. 
   “What are you sorry for?” Will said, he had a knife in one hand. 
   “I’m apologising to her,” he replied. 
   .“Why? She’s dead and not going to hear it.” Will grabbed the top of the noose at the back of her neck.  
   “You are a disrespectful, vile human being, sir,” Theo said. He heard the rope being sawed by the knife. 
   “You only say that because you are a sentimental fool.” 
   The rope snapped and Theo felt the full weight of her, he stumbled backwards. Will caught him. 
   “Be careful the poor girl already has a broken neck,” he told him. 
   “You do not have to resurrect her.” 
   They laid her down carefully. 
   He felt the unnaturally flexibility of her neck that was necklaced with the noose imprint, her lips were painted blue and her skin was dewy and cold to the touch. 
   “I have brought your candles, your special powder and knife,” Will said, emptying the pockets of the jacket and setting them down; three candles, a small cloth bag and a curved knife. 
   “I hate necromancy,” Theo said, “You stand idly by, whereas I have to coax death into giving up one of its occupants of the afterlife.” 
    “And you do a fantastic job every time.” 
   “Why thank you that means so much for me, you can control the girl when she goes crazy, sir,” he replied. 
   They set the candles in a triangle one at her head, two near her feet. The black powder connected the candles. 
   Theo stood at her feet, knife in hand. “Don’t worry about me, I want you to stay with the girl, you do not want her running away like the last one.” 
    Will nodded and stood opposite him. 
    Theo began to chant, strange language flowed from his mouth. The air buzzed with electricity and the candles at her feet lit up and the powder also set on fire which was blood red, the heat was extreme and Theo’s face shone with perspiration. Will had retreated away. 
   His eyes rolled back in his head until they were pure white, the flames climbed higher, he drew the knife across his palm in one swift motion. He balled his hand into a fist, squeezing it tightly so the blood dripped more rapidly. He held it above the left candle, above the tip of the flame, the blood hissed as it made contact, he moved it along the flames. 
    The fire suddenly shot towards the third candle. 
    Theo collapsed. 
    The girl drew in her first breath. 


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