The curse of Resurrection

Set in 1840.
Will with the help of witch Theo decide to resurrect Iris Cadance, a young woman with mysterious powers and a dangerous past.
Soon they will realise the price of bringing back the dead...


1. The execution

The air was irritably hot, stuffy and drawing it into your lungs was painful. 
   There was the buzzing of flies and Theo swatted them away from his face, noticing how grotesquely fat the flies’ bodies were. The smell of smoke and the muddy river did not help lift his mood either, as he stood poised on the left side of the river watching the execution take place. 
   He glanced over to Will. 
  The young man was scowling, his mouth set with grim determination and his hair plastered to the sides of his face with sweat. 
   “Sir, we can intervene before it takes place, we still have time,” Theo said, taking care not to offend his young master. 
   “No, has to be after,” Will replied. “There she is.” 
   There was a wooden stand on which the girl was shoved onto, blindfolded and hands bound tightly behind her back. The noose hung in front of her face and when the blindfold was lifted she screamed and ran backwards. However she was pushed roughly forward by the executioner and she almost fell over. Her brown hair was matted and fell to her shoulders, she looked sickly pale from what Theo could see. 
    “Here is Miss Iris Cadance, accused of the crime of treason and conspiracy to murder. By the order of her Majesty she is sentenced to death by hanging.” 
   Theo looked away, he had a weak stomach for such things unlike Will those expression never changed once. 
The trapdoor had opened, the girl dropped, and no doubt her limbs were jerking and horrible gurgling noises escaped her throat. He felt light-headed at the thought and clutched his stomach. 
   “You never had the stomach to watch a simple execution,” Will said, seeing him doubled over. “Go and empty your stomach over there, I don’t want it all over my new shoes.” They were new shoes, freshly shined and gleaming against the grime. Theo noticed he was wearing a new jacket as well, not the frayed grey one he usually wore. 
   “I think I will be quite fine in a moment sir,” he replied. 
   He took out a handkerchief to wipe away the sheen of sweat on his brow. “What is our next course of action sir?” 
   Will took out his pocket watch and clicked it open. 
   “Wait until dark and resurrect the girl.” 


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