shut up luke:|

its kind of hard to Michael cliffords best friend when he is getting famous,but even harder when you have a crush on one of his best mate who is taken:|


1. :|chapter 1|:

Rose Charlotte Brooks POV

i was studying in my room when i heard crying from down stairs i waited a sec to make sure i was right when i heard it again i jumped of my chair running down stairs i followed the crying it was coming from the kitchen i walked to the kitchen to see Louise aka mrs.kelly my best friends mom hugging my mom while crying i was shocked "whats wrong?!" i asked their heads shot up looking worried "umm" my mum said and looked at Louise and she nodded "well you see...Louise says it" my mum said while handing me a paper.

:|HI hope you enjoyed sorry i know its bad and short but its the first chapter any ways do guys like it? and what do you think is in the paper?|:

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