Can Clouds Part?

How hard is it to change a heart? How long does it take?


1. Can Clouds Part?

As each drop falls,

A thousand eyes cry.

As howling winds blow,

A thousand hearts are frozen over.

As piercing bolts strike,

I know that hate has taken all my love.


Maybe one day this storm will blow over,

Maybe one day I'll see light again.

But can a storm end,

When it is all you know?

Can clouds part,

If you don't want to see through?


It takes more than one day,

To change a heart.

The warmth of the sun needs time,

time to thaw the depths of my soul.

It takes longer than I have,

to rewrite my never ending story.


As each drop falls,

My anger is washed away.

As howling winds blow,

It rips away the mask I hide behind.

As piercing bolts strike,

I feel an energy within.


Is it enough to change me?


Is it enough to save me?


But it is enough to keep me going,

Long enough to try again.

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