The Diary

It's about ordinary human quality turned into extraordinary power, a fantasy!


2. Diary 02

I am not a low powered human-being. I am definitely a better than the average.

# I do not have any problem

# I am just blessed with a little extra power

# So, I am a bit different from others

~ But it's visible !!!!

~ People can observe it very easily that I am different

# So, I let them think that I have something to hide

~they think I'm different when I am not?

~No, I am definitely different

~They think I'm boring, lifeless, Nerd

~But I am not boring, in no way lifeless; not even Nerd

~I have a world within me; My very own kingdom

~I just minimize my actions with them so, that they won't affect/compel me

# I am just protecting myself.

# I have to be more careful/ more protective around people whom I don't trust


- Maximum human beings are very low obsevant

- They do not observe others actions

- Nor do they observe their own actions

- They don't care what other people can notice about them;

- They don't protect their thoughts and they have no firewall ( makes me smirking)

- Unaware that someone like me, might be getting inside their heads, and reading all their dirty thoughts, and naked intentions.



# I am usually aware of what people might think of me; And I am an observer!

~So, am I somehow controlling what people think of me?

# I am never letting anyone in; I never want anyone to know what I think

~But sometimes I make flaws ~ Because I talk more

~Replying to every fact is not necessary

~ Avoid giving your own opinion

~Just listen to others thoughts and opinions


# I must stop talking unnecessarily

# I must go with them and just silently listen to what they talk, how they talk

# Get inside their head, observe them, hypnotise them

# I have to be powerful & Confident

# I am a fast thinker, as I write fast

# I have to leave the fear that someone will know what I am thinking

# I have to be very unpredictable


#Observe people by looking into their eyes, little smiles, movements and everything

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