The Diary

It's about ordinary human quality turned into extraordinary power, a fantasy!


1. Diary 01

I've been fooling myself, dragging me down and down so deep till I got lost in the darkness of unknown miseries! And what for? I don't know. I'm done trying to figure out things. I'm done with hoping for things to get well. It's like I've been always dreaming for a sudden solution; a donation from Almighty! But, no, not anymore. Now I decide to head up and breathe and live. With no commitments to myself but just keep moving...


This will be called 'A Moving' not a 'Move On'. This will be dynamic not static. Why am I being so ridiculously philosophic? You really want to know? To know that you have to read a story. About me? Nope. It's about people and I am just a part of it & a storyteller, not the purpose of it.


It begins with the rainy night.... 12:00 AM only.... Not really late right? But yes it was raining and someone was writing a story. A story about all the things happening around him. He has large glasses as a part of his appearance. He was about to die. Does that scare you? Well, It should!


Perhaps, He was scared too. He didn't know what to do, where to run, where to hide! His mind was shadowed  "He can run, but he can't hide", a statement attributed to American boxer Joe Louis"!

Is it so? Can he never hide himself from death? Will he die or will he keep running from death, doctors, and all the trouble life has to offer?


Okay, let's hold this part of the story and move to a new one.


It's not like I have a psychic power, it's something I've been practicing for a very long time. I think... And think too deep. About every action I take and the every reaction they bring to me from others. Now I've become so expert that I can almost control the people around me. It might seem like a supernatural power if you hear me saying that they do what I want them to do, but it's no supernatural! It's pure learning of human behavior. It's the obvious things we do that gets us trapped. It's the reactions we give without thinking. Being yourself is the coolest way to be, but while being cool what you are not aware of is someone else is also being you! And getting all the predictions you will do.


If you hear these you might feel it's a very long process to understand the reactions you are going to get but I have been practicing so very hard and for so long time that it takes me seconds! And it became a basic nature of mine!


Now let's get back to the large spec guy ! The one who was about to die, who was writing a story at mid-night. Was he really writing a story? Well, the answer is both Yes and No. Yes, because he thought he was, No, because he was not ! Practically he was writing biographies ! Yes ! He was writing biographies ! Not just one ! You might have guessed whose biography was he writing? But what confuses you is I mentioned the plural version! And plural it is! He was dying, So he wanted to be remembered! Common will huh!? But how! Writing? Wasn't he supposed to write his own biography? Or what he would have done if he could live long enough?


But instead he was writing about others ! He was stealing people's personal diaries and writing stories merging the real characteristics! Smart huh ?! Then there we have her!


The pretty one who was crushing million hearts and was very transparent in her diary about that! What Happens when her diary is out?! What is she going to do? Everyone's going to know how she was confused about who she loved and how she wanted every guy to fall for her! How she hated every other girl who was a potential threat! How she crushed a million hearts all because she was confused! And how she wanted more and more and everything exists in the world. How she thought she was the cutest baby girl and everyone should be pampering her, praising her beauty, and worship her life!


The girl couldn't tolerate, she killed herself, and died with the guy with specs, and the guy's own biography part was about how he didn't hide himself, nor did he run , he just killed a girl in practical world, with an unusual way, but spiritually he took someone with him before dying so that he isn't alone in the darkness while they leave the living world.


Where am I in this story? I am the one who was manipulating their lives and the death they had !! I hated the Pretty girl; manipulated the guys thoughts and the girl's actions ! They think they killed themselves and unaware of the fact why !!!



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