Mrs all- New York City

UTA is the bordering school to the talented Santana Arkwood. She meet in the Calum, Luke, Michael and Ashton there. Her friendship with Calum and Luke and the boys helps her grow out of the shadows. But the boys isn't the only people she meets...


4. You & Me

Calum's POV:

Calum: How about the movies?

Michael cheered while Ashton and Luke groaned at the thought of sitting still and being quiet. Calum pushed them both on the arm. Luke mumbled an ow and nodded along with Ashton. Santana had told me about all the movies she loves to watch. But no scary movies.

*flashes back to when they were talking at the bash.*

Santana: I guess I always hated them because I have a big imagination

Calum: ha. Oh really?

Santana: yeah I guess it's a gift and a curse.

*Santana snaps fingers in Calum's face*

Santana: hello? Earth to Calum?

Calum: huh, oh sorry I guess I zoned out.

Santana: uh okay, the guys are protesting the movie idea.

I paused our conversation to squint at the boys in anger.

Santana: Maybe we could do it some other time. i'll see ya tomor-

Calum: you and me.

I blurted out, cutting her off. i immediately regretted it feeling a bit stupid.

Santana: You and me, what?

Calum: me and you could still go, i mean if you want, we don-

Santana: I'd love to.  


I shot my head, from glancing at the floor, with a shock painted on my face. She giggled at the expression of utter happiness and excitement.

I told the guys that they didn't have to worry about it so much anymore cause they weren't going with them. Luke and Ashton kind of confused, then quickly realizing what I meant.


Later on...


Santana's POV:

It was awkward. We have been walking for a good 5 minutes and he still hadn't said anything and whenever I tried to say something I couldn't bring myself to actually say it. Finally words had come out of one of us, it was him.

Calum: So, what movie are we gonna watch movie expert?

Oh what movie ARE we going to watch? Damn it, I how didn't i think of this before? I guess he notice I didn't have a clue on what movie we were going to watch and started to "guess" movies. I looked at him. He was so sweet, trying to help me out without letting me make a complete fool out of myself.

We finally got to campus, but as I walked up to the front of the campus doors I felt Calum's hand pulled me away from the doors toward him by my wrist. I turn toward him confused. he let go off my wrist. I looked down at his hand that he was extending towards with a smirk appearing on his face.

Calum: No love, we're not going there yet. Follow me.

I was a bit nervous on going with him, I mean I literally basically just met him about a few days ago and I barely know him. Yet I followed him. Which in my case is extremely weird there just has to be a logical explanation in why I trusted him. there just has to be. There has to be an explanation for the way I feel about this complete stranger.

Calum: Don't worry I'll protect you, I promise. Trust me.

Santana: *scoffs* I'll trust you, but you won't need to worry too much about "protecting me". I can handle myself thank you.

The way i responded made him pout and then start to sort of laugh right after.

His laugh was almost as perfect as his smile.

"I can see that" he replied as he lead the way. We went around the campus into some sort of basement storage room. The room was filled with old novels, an old projector screen, along with a dusty, vintage projector and old boxes filled with black and white old movies. Some old chairs were also in the room. I as looked around the room in awe I didn't even notice that Calum had set down a blanket and pillow and had popcorn, sour patch kids and gum worms,in all separate bowls and four soda bottles all set in front of the pillows. Then quickly grabbed the last bowl and handed it to me.

Calum: Anything good in there? he gestured towards the box I had, before shoving a handful of gummy worms in this mouth.

Santana: Oh, in this one? Yeah, some cool old books I guess the school probably used to give as a reading requirement. But the videos are in this box. Wanna help me look for a good one?

He smiled. He placed the bowl of delicious worms down and walked over helping me rummage through the box.


*Meanwhile with the guys*

Alex POV:

Great now I have to walk all the way back to campus with a bunch of dudes. Yeah that won't look weird at all, thanks dreamer. I text that loser Santana. Thanks to her I have to walk home with those guys to campus cause she decided to ditch me to go make out with that guy.

Cassie: Hey are you on your way to campus?

Alex: Oh please tell me that you're walking that way too!

Cassie: Nope.

Alex: Oh.

Cassie: I'm driving my way there. Ha, I was going to ask you if you wanted a ride. But if you're comfortable walking with the guys -

Alex: NO. I mean, I could really use that ride.

Thank god Santana has such cool friends-- that can drive.


Luke POV:

As Santana's friend left, I continued to bug Calum with a bunch of texts messages.

Santana and Calum sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G.~Luke


were just watching a movie together OK?~ Calum

ALL ALONE...~ Luke

Yeah no thanks to you and Ashton.~ Cal

your welcome.~Luke

whatever Lukey.~Cal

shut up it's Luke!~Luke

whatever you say, Lukey.~Cal

I hate you.~Luke

You know you love me.~Cal

(sorry to interrupt but total cake ship moment. i love, ship and breathe cake! okay that's all continue reading)

I shoved my phone into my front phone, when I heard a loud laugh coming from outside.

I walked outside and saw a gorgeous girl, tall laughing along with a friend of her's by her side. I stood there leaning against the metal railing, no longer focusing on the laughing girl, but her friend. She had noticed me glancing at them. Her crystal blues eyes had caught my attention, as they shyly glanced up at me. They were walking on the sidewalk below the balcony I was on. I ran my fingers through my hair pushing it up a bit more, trying to look... cool. Which I wasn't really good at. During this wild attempt of trying to look "cool" Michael decides to slammed open the back stage room door, which always got stuck, basically scaring me half to death.  Causing me to slip off the railing that i was leaning on and falling on my butt.


Luke: Oh, hey Mikey.*replied in an irritated tone of voice*

Mikey: You alright there mate?

I looked back at the girls that were now obviously laughing at me. Her icy blue eyes glanced up at me. It gave me a weird feeling in my stomach. I walked towards Michael, who was now snickering silently, and smacked him on the back of the head.

Michael:OW! what did i do?

Luke:*groans* what do you want mickey?

Michael:Oh right, um Ashton wanted to know if you're ready to go?

Luke: Yeah, just let me grab my jacket.

I grabbed my black leather jacket and followed Mickey outside the where Ashton was texting away on his phone. He's been doing that a lot lately. I made a note to myself to remember to ask him who he's been texting lately. Hopefully, it wasn't a girl.


What's up you guys, it's been like forever. you guys haven't changed a bit. soo why do you think Ashton's on a "no girls" rule. Maybe i'll tell you, maybe i won't. shhh it's a secret. and Calum and Santana are so adorable having their little movie night together, but sorry if the whole storage thing was a little weird i just want them to find a place where Cassie wouldn't have to stay over someone else's dorm or Luke having to stay with Mickey or something like that. plus they found old school movies. Lucky little cookie they are. Okay well peace out, girl scouts.

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