Mrs all- New York City

UTA is the bordering school to the talented Santana Arkwood. She meet in the Calum, Luke, Michael and Ashton there. Her friendship with Calum and Luke and the boys helps her grow out of the shadows. But the boys isn't the only people she meets...


3. The Performance

Santana's POV:

I couldn't believe it. Everyone started cheering when I came on stage. I thought I would've been laughed at or worse booed off the stage. Alex pushed me onto the stage before I couldn't even run away in fear. As soon she did Cassie came over and hugged me while whispering in my ear "DON'T BLOW THIS".

I was shaking and breathing heavily when suddenly someone called me from backstage. I walked over and Calum pulled me away from the boys near us and asked me what's wrong. He could feel me shaking. I tried to stop myself from shaking, but it just got worse. He pulled me close and hugged me tight. He said to me "You can do this. You're gonna do great, I know you can do this".

After that, I went back on stage.

Santana: Sorry about that. Just a little nervous with all of your beautiful faces staring at me.

I heard a laugh from the back and winked at Calum who pretend like it wasn't him. He just laughed more.

The music for titanium by Sia came on.

I closed my eyes and let myself fall into the music.

I sang my little heart out, and by the end of it they were cheering and yelling. I smiled announcing the next performers.

The boys got on stage and the didn't seem to happy with me nor too happy with Calum. I felt like they were mad at him because of me. It's my fault. I walked of stage and hung out with Alex in the back.

Alex: Hey you were awesome!! Wait, what's wrong?!

Santana: Nothing can we just get out of here?

Alex nodded grabbing her coat and walk through the crowd with me to the door, when I heard a voice through the amplifiers.

Calum: This song we are going to sing we just can't sing it without our good friend Santana.

Luke, Michael, Ashton, Alex, and Me: WHAT?!???

Luke: *covers mic in front of him* Calum! What do you think you're doing?!?

Ashton: Yeah! She had her performance. She's not gonna steal ours!

Calum: Sssh!

Calum POV:

I saw her walking out the door. So I kinda just panicked and invited her on stage with me and the boys. I mean no one can walk out of that one. I guess I just didn't want to see her leave yet. But as I she was walking towards me I could already see the "I am gonna kill you" look in her eyes. But the looks the boys were giving me were way worse. I knew that as soon as they got their hands on me, they were gonna make me pay for this.

Santana POV:

I couldn't believe that he just did that. He can't do that. Can he? Everyone started to stare at me. I couldn't just walk out now, I HAD to go up there. I walked slowly towards and up the stage. Calum held out his hand. I squinted at him with the " you're gonna pay for this" look.

The band started playing Teenagers by My Chemical Romance. I started to sing along with them to the chorus of the song and add to the song with a type of echo of the last few words of each line they sang of the chorus.

The crowd cried out encore! Their last song was Out of my Limit. An original song of theirs. I cheered and dance around with Alex and tried to learn their lyrics while singing along when suddenly I felt eyes on me. I started looking around to see but with everyone jumping it was hard to see. I look up to the stage to see if anyone of the boy were still scolding me for going on stage with them. No, just Calum rocking out, doing funny face at me. I secretly took a picture before he could even notice. But finally when I pulled away from my phone I looked by the corner of the stage and there those dark brown eyes were again. This time looking at me with less disgust and more hatred. As much as I was curious to find out why. Something told me that I wouldn't like what It was, so I just ignored it.

After the guys performance everyone started to leave. Me, Alex and the boys were going to go hang out and probably get pizza after they packed up so we stayed behind. Cassie told us she couldn't make it cause her and josh, her idiot brother that she has told me so much about, needed to have a little "chat". As I looked around at the now empty dance floor I couldn't help but want to dance.

I started goofing off when it occurred to me that it wasn't just me and Alex in a room together, but the boys and Alex, and me obviously. I immediately stopped dancing like a five year old and slow started walking backwards, back to Alex when .... Bloop! I fall on my butt by hitting something causing me to fall. Not wanting to look up at the everyone looking at me after I fall and embarrassed myself, I just sat there in my awkwardness. Then I saw someone's shadow appear over me. I turned around and smiled. "Blonde!" I squealed.

Luke POV:

I slightly laugh as the peculiar girl that Calum was "friends" with sat on the floor looking up at me, calling me "blonde", in a weird way.

Luke: Umm....that's not my name. But it okay if you call me that, I guess.

Santana: I'm sorry. I mean I know that's not our name but I just don't know what to call you. seeing to that you never gave me your name.

Luke: Oh right, sorry. My name is Luke Hemmings.

Santana: Oh, I always loved that name. Luke. I found it really cool.

Luke: Ha, thanks. So um, why exactly are you on the floor?

Santana: Oh, Right! But you can't laugh, PROMISE?

Luke: Ha, I promise.

Santana: I really wanted to dance. So I started dancing by myself, like the dork I am, then I looked like a loser and stop. So when I was walking back by the door I slipped on something and fall. And after totally embarrassing myself, I decided that it was best if I just sat here in my awkwardness.

Is she seriously this shy and dorky?

Luke: The real question is, what were you doing dancing by yourself?

I grabbed her hand and spun her around. She had a timid smile on her face and giggled.

Finally after spinning her around I pulled her to me and danced with her properly.

I guess she's not that bad of a gal, just a real dork.


Santana POV:

I didn't really care if I looked like total idiot around Luke when we were dancing, mainly because he seemed like he was trying not to act or look like a bigger dork than me. But in my opinion, I think he's a secret dork like me, or better yet, a bigger dork than me. As me and him were making up weird dance moves on the plain empty dance floor, I didn't notice before but Calum kept looking over at us. I guess cause they were doing all the work, and Luke was just goofing off with me. When Luke was standing close to me I whispered that Calum was looking at us, a bit mad. He quickly chuckled after I said that. Which just frustrated and irritated me.

Santana: And what's so funny about that?

Luke: Oh, um, nothing it's just..*continues laughing* he isn't mad.

Santana: Then what's your explanation for him looking at us funny smart ass?

Luke: Um, how about the fact that he's jealous?

Santana: Jealous?!? why would he be jealous? Jealous of what? Wait jealous of US?!!? I'm confused right now.  

Luke: He's jealous of me dancing with you cause OBVIOUSLY, he likes you!!!

Santana: ME??!?!

Luke: Haha, I'm joking. He has a girlfriend, but he does seem jealous I can tell you that much.

Santana: He has a girlfriend?

Luke: Sadly. Her name is Tessa. She's a real pain in the ass but we put up with her for Cal's sake.

Santana: He must really love her then.

I snickered to myself, at thought of me being the only one knowing that he isn't with her anymore.

Luke: That's what I always thought, though one day I mentioned how he loves her and he said that he didn't or at least he didn't feel like he did.

Santana: I guess i don't really believe in love. I think we really don't know what love feels like to be completely honest. It's a much to complicated feeling to deal with.

Luke gave me a look that I kinda wasn't excepting. He look at me with a "mmhmm sure" face.

Santana: What? I don't get it what's so funny?

Luke: Nothing. It's just that, well aren't most girls all sappy and all about finding their true love and stuff?

Santana: Well let's just say I'm definitely NOT like most girls.

Luke: What do you mean?

I shrugged my shoulders and leaned back on the wall hoping to not get too involved with Luke's question.


Oooooo what's Santana's past all about? We'll probably find out in maybe two more chapters maybe. But sorry it took so long to post this chapter. I've been busy with getting into this high school for next year. But i'll try and update a new chapter every week or the latest every two weeks. I'm soooo excited for this story. I've got big plans for this one. thanks for reading these chapters so far comment what you think please. Your opinion matters to me! Peace out girl scouts!!!



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