Mrs all- New York City

UTA is the bordering school to the talented Santana Arkwood. She meet in the Calum, Luke, Michael and Ashton there. Her friendship with Calum and Luke and the boys helps her grow out of the shadows. But the boys isn't the only people she meets...


2. The Bash

Santana POV

Cassie, after hours of pleading and begging, finally convinced me into going to the homecoming bash. Though, she was told it's a "dress up" kinda thing. But me and her wanted to stay casual. So I put on my maroon long sleeved shirt with my favorite black, flowery, laced skirt. Along with my favorite black converse with my bowler hat. I got both my phone and iPod just in case one of my playlist were better than the other.

Cassie is taking forever I thought to myself. My phone went off. Alex was calling me, most likely to tell me to hurry up.

Santana: yeah i know we're almost -

Alex: shut up I just saw "Cute coffee guy" hanging with a few mates.

Santana: wait WHAT?!? Are you sure it's-

*Receives picture message from Alex*



Santana: OMG that's really HIM!

Alex: yup I told you. Anyways hurry up. Oh and I hope you look good now cause I'm not waiting another hour just so you can change AGAIN. Bai

I dropped to my bed in totally insecurity filling up inside of me. I just slammed the door of the bathroom yelling/begging for Cassie to hurry up so I could fix - well - EVERYTHING.

Luke's POV:

We go to the place after getting lost with Calum driving again. Well I guess it wasn't entirely his fault, since Tessa just throwing herself on to him while he's driving distracting him causing us to be late, for this once again , for another gig. But it didn't seem that Calum liked it either this time. Usually, he would let her distract him so they would have more time together, but lately it seems something else is on his mind, like that day that we talked about the gig. It didn't really seem like something was bothering him because if there was he would tell us. But on the other hand, if it was SOMEONE ELSE he wouldn't even breathe a word about it.

I helped Ashton and Michael set up, filling in for Calum, since it seemed he was being stuck with a parrot who wouldn't shut her trap. The bash hasn't started but people were already waiting outside and they didn't seem too happy that me and the boys, and sadly Tessa, got to go in early. Tessa wasn't suppose to go in with us but as soon as they even point a finger towards her she yelled/said "I'm with Calum". And Calum didn't seem to happy to have to confirm that.

As me, Mikey and Ashton were adjusting Ashton's drum set, three girls walked in. Calum probably didn't notice since he was basically hiding from Tessa in the restroom.

Santana's POV:

I found Alex waiting for us at the entrance. Though we got stopped they immediately let us pass after Cassie said that we're with her. As soon as we walked in there there were three guys on the stage setting up it seemed. I immediately felt awkward and unnecessary. As soon as Cassie saw them her face turn a shade of red I've never seen.

"JOSH DEVINE!!" Cassie screamed. She walked through some black curtains into, what appeared to be a back room of some type. I slightly jumped and wanted to just run out the door but Alex hooked her arm in mine making it unable to leave. She waved at the blonde boy who has kept looking at us since we walked through the door. He notice and stop looking at us, now slightly embarrassed being caught staring at us.

I stopped laughing when I saw a familiar face. She was tall, tan (a darker tan than mine), and had bouncy dark hair with slight blonde streaks in it. She walked passed me giving me a dirty look. Now I felt really uncomfortable, when suddenly I heard Alex yell " excuse me. is there something in your eye, cause you're lookin at my friend kinda funny?" The tall girl blinked quite rapidly as there was silence. I didn't know Alex was so confident most of the time. I mean she awesome and everything and I couldn't think less than that but, how? She stood there like a rock almost unbreakable. She has a very strong personality, I guess that's what makes her so confident.

The silence was broken with a small yet cute giggle. I looked on the stage as a man with a red bandanna tied around his head excused himself and lightly smiled with his deep dimples. The blonde shoved him and the red haired boy smacked him on the side of his head. They kinda of remind me of the three stooges.

Suddenly Cassie came out of the dark curtained room with a boy at the end of her hand being dragged by his ear yelling "ow ow ow ow ow Cassie I'm sorry LET GO"!     "I told you I was choosing but NOOO mr. Know it all and do it all couldn't help himself" Cassie yelled at him letting go of his ear. "Listen I basically promised these guys this gig" josh said gesturing towards the boys on the stage. Suddenly, I felt so awkward again. I finally understood the situation and tapped Cassie on her shoulder whispering to her "it's okay. They were clearly already booked for his party so it's really okay. I'll just go". Cassie shook her head "no, I'm not letting you be a pushover about this. This bash is the day people will remember you and I'm not letting you not perform".

She yelled at josh once more " she's performing". He replied strongly "so are they" again gesturing towards the boys on the stage. "Well I guess they both are then!" Cassie said  quietly in his face before walk off back in the back room. Josh scrunched his face angrily. He looked towards me and let out a long sigh before asking me to DJ  the party for now before him and Cassie made an official decision. He then, walked off into the same back room as Cassie did. I was about to head towards the stage when I felt eyes on me. I looked up to see the three boys seemed now a bit irritated with me. I guess they didn't seem to like the fact that there was a possibility I could take up some of their stage time. They finally let the crowds of people in and I put my playlist from Spotify into the speakers and blasted the first song from my iPod Cool kids by Echosmith. Ha go-figure.

Calum's POV:

I heard screams, laughter, music and basically chaos. That's when I finally knew that the party started and I could lose Tessa in the crowd. I slowly peaked my head out from the bathroom and saw Tessa by the stage. I made my way through the crowd and found Luke.

Calum: Luke!!

Luke: finally I was wondering if I should've gone in there and brought you some food!

Calum: haha very funny. So what did I miss sounded like there was an argument while I was I there before the bash?!

Luke: Oh yeah. So we are now cutting our performance a bit short since now there's another performance!

Calum: What?!??! Who's the other performer?!?!!

Luke: I don't know! Sum gurl!?

Calum: A girl?

Luke: But she seemed a bit shy, she'll probably chicken out when it's her turn to perform!

Calum: Shy?!

Luke: Yeah, a bit. Ohh but her friend is quite the opposite. Tessa was being her usual jealous self and gave the shy one a dirty look the friend basically owned her for that. She was like "is there something wrong with your eye the you're looking at us funny?" It was HILARIOUS!!

Calum: Sounds like I missed the best part of the show haha!

Luke: Dude that your girlfriend? Remember?!

Calum: Oh right. Excuse me!

I walked off I made a decision that day. I COULDN'T be with Tessa anymore. We just didn't fit they way we used to. I don't think it's cute the way she acts anymore, I find it annoying. I have to break up with her. I started to walk towards the stage when suddenly my eyes fell upon a sight I thought was almost impossible. There. There she was again. But this time she was on a stage and looking so stunning. She caught me staring. Oops!

Santana POV:

I was rocking out to my music with my best friend almost so naturally. But this time I had like 20 times that amount of people rocking out with me. It was all so fast up there. As I was jumping around, I saw him. There he was just staring at me with a giant smirk on his face. I stop jumping, and just stared back, now smiling ear to ear. I started to walk down off of the stage when I slipped. Great!

Calum POV:

She was walking off stage when I noticed she was gonna miss the steps. I ran over to try and stop but it was too late and I ended up catching her instead.

Her arms gripped around my neck as her head slowly pulled onto my shoulder. Her eyes looked almost like icicles as the light shined over them. It looked like two little stars got trapped in them. I had a giant smirk planted on my face. I guess that was what was making her blush and shyly look down.

I realized know we were standing and she still had her arms around my neck and I still had my arms around her waist. Why did I go by the stage again?

Santana POV:


A girl yelled, I'm guessing, his full name. I finally let go of him and as did he let go of me as well. Our eye contact broke as know, surprisingly, I can know hear his heartbeat slowing down, out of all the music by us, as he walked over to her and pull her aside.

Me being "curious" about what they were talking about, told Alex to take over for me while I went to the "bathroom", which in this case was convenient. I stayed by the wall to hear what they were talking about, because I was curious.

Tessa: who the heck was THAT?!!!

Calum: I don't know what the big deal is? All I did was catch her?!

Tessa: CATCH HER?!!!? 80 degrees more to your right and you would have basically have tipped her over (like at the end of a romantic dance) and made out with the girl!!!

I blushed at just the thought of that happening and slightly laughed to myself. I turned and saw Calum rubbing the back of his neck looking down at his feet and slightly smiling.

Calum: Listen Tessa that's not gonna matter by the end of this conversation, so let me just cut to the chase.

Calum: I want to break up.

Tessa know suddenly seemed shocked and more upset than ever. Oops!

Tessa: WHAT?!????! You can't be serious?!? I mean, I love you, you love me, we perfect for each other.

Calum: No. You see that's where you're wrong. We aren't "PERFECT FOR EACH" like you think were are, we aren't. We have NOTHING IN COMMON!! Okay and yeah I "LOVED" you. Emphasis on "loved". But I don't feel the same way I did when we first started going out. We don't have that magic to us anymore Tessa, so that's it, we're done.

Tessa: MAGIC?!!? We don't have a magic to us. The hell was this a magic trick?!??!

Tessa: Over uh?!? No this is just peace ending. You just started A WAR!!!

She walked off into the night and I could finally hear a big sigh of relief come from Calum. I tried to walk away seeming like I didn't know anything about it. But Calum called after me and grabbed me by my wrist.

Calum: Hey you what did you think of the "show"?

Santana: I don't-

Calum: Come on I heard you laugh at what she said about us.

Santana: Oh I didn't mean to I just -

Calum: It's okay I kinda laughed too.

We talked almost all night. Until well I had to go back and fix the music since Alex was stirring off beat. He still never got my name though. He'll knows it soon enough when I perform.

Luke POV:

uhh, where is he?

Calum just walked off and when I ran into Tessa she had tears in her eyes and anger in her voice. What was going on?!?

Calum ran through the black curtains with a giant smile across his face.

Calum: Hey sorry guys, I was getting to know someone a little better.

Ashton: Ohh! Calum's got a crush! Who is it cal pal? Huh ? Who? Who?

Ashton started poking and tickling him, when me and Micky finally jumped into the fun Calum finally surrendered.

Calum: Okay okay okay! I'll point her out.

Suddenly Cassie, Josh's younger sister got on stage and told the Dj to stop for a minute.

Cassie: HEY HEY HEY!! How is everyone enjoying this fabulous night!

The crowd started to cheer as was the shy girl on the end of the stage, she was scared but had the microphone in her small shaking hands. She was definitely gonna chicken out.

Calum was still was looking for his crush when suddenly he points to the one person I wasn't expecting for him to like.

Calum: Her.

Ashton, Michael and Luke: HER?!?

Cassie: NOW! Give a big welcoming hand for a very amazing singer and personal friend of mine! Santana Arkwood!

Calum's POV:

She? She's the opening act? I didn't know whether to be upset or happily surprised. But the girl I just met wasn't my mates favorite person in the world. I didn't whether to cheer or ignore her for the reason my mates were. I cheered.

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