Mrs all- New York City

UTA is the bordering school to the talented Santana Arkwood. She meet in the Calum, Luke, Michael and Ashton there. Her friendship with Calum and Luke and the boys helps her grow out of the shadows. But the boys isn't the only people she meets...


7. Part uno

Santana POV:

Its been a busy two weeks for me. Not to mention the fact, my sister has been calling me now stop, since I told her about my performance at the homecoming bash. My sister Crystal, is 16, only a year younger than me, and going to a different school somewhere in upstate New York. She got into UTA, but since our mom was already pissed about me going to United by The Arts instead of a"normal"high school. So she told Crystal she couldn't go there and sent her to this "crappy, preppy school" as Crystal described on the phone with me. She said she missed me so much and wanted to visit soon. Crystal was an amazing dancer and always wanted to see this place. When my mom said she couldn't go to this school, she didn't even let her go to the open house they had. I promised her that when she came to visit I would show her all the wonders of the school. 

It was around 1:20 a.m and I was up late studying for an exam in world history. I've been in the school's library since 6:30 p.m just reading off any notes I could get my hands on. Alex was with me earlier but her method in pass a test is with enough hours of sleep. I was so tired I was drooling on my textbook. I finally got up to get some sleep for tomorrow, or else I would be drooling on my test tomorrow too. 

As I walked up the hallway, to the vending machine, since I was basically starving. I heard some whispers and voices around the corner. I peaked to see what it was, and to my surprise it was Calum getting flirty with some girl. "You really think I have an amazing voice?" the girl said as she played with the ends of her hair. "Your voice is so ...original." Calum said getting a little closer to her. I nearly through up at his cheap pick up line. I rolled my eyes. Of course he was a little player. The band give them their charm to get any girl they wanted. I grabbed my ginger ale and potato chips, about to start my way up the stairs back to the dorms when a certain blondey caught my eye. 

"Sup, Luke!" I waved with my free hand.

"Aye, Santana. What are you doing wondering around 2 a.m? Don't you know we have that big history test tomorrow?"

"I could ask you the same question, Blondey?"

"Ah, I'm just looking for Calum. Have you seen him?"

I rolled my eyes. Luke gave me a confused look. His eyebrows fused together. I gestured to where the giggling and whispers were coming from. From the he look gave me now he understood what Calum was doing. He let out a sigh, and said thanks and headed in the direction where Calum was. I made my way back to my dorm where I found a snoring Cassie splat on her bed. I lost my appetite after seeing Calum. So I just changed and got into bed, put my head buds and closed my eyes shut.

'Calum Hood. Different, Ha, as if!'

Luke POV: 

I walked into the hallway, Santana gestured Calum was in, ready to drag him back to our dorm. He always sneaks out. Calum says its just harmless fun whenever I find him flirting with a girl he doesn't even know. '"Yeah harmless, well lets see how Santana treat you tomorrow after your "harmless fun"' I thought. I know she's gonna see him differently, after tonight.

Calum: Oh, that's my body guard, and he doesn't look to happy. 

Luke: Cal lets go, now!


Calum waved the goodbye at the girl he was all flirty with and waited until the girl was gone before walking near The Very Angry Luke. Calum put his hands up, as he walked slowly around The Angry Luke, before making a run for the dorm with Luke right on his tail.

The Next Day:


Cassie shakes Santana awake. "Aye. you got a visitor." Santana at the side of her bed, stretching her arms up. She grabbed her glasses off her night stand and rubbed her eyes awake as she walked to the door. She nearly dropped her glasses out of the shocking surprise. 

Santana: CRYSTAL!!

Back in the Cafeteria

Calum and Ashton are talking when Luke walks over with his tray. He sits next Ashton and right across Calum. Luke glared at Calum. Calum was complaining to Ashton about last night.

Calum: Luke literally dragged me back to the dorm like I was a bad dog or something.

Luke: Because that's what Santana thinks of you now.

Calum: What you mean? How do you even know that? Did she tell you that?!

Luke: I know that because it was written all over Santana's face when she saw you flirting with that random girl!

Calum looked shocked. He didn't know Santana saw him last night. 

Calum: You're lying!

Luke: Don't believe me, find out for yourself.

He gestured to the breakfast line where Santana and Alex were getting there breakfast. Calum got up and started towards the line.

Santana POV:

Cassie and Alex were telling me about what happened that night after the Bash. I was laughing so much I didn't even notice Calum walk up to me. As soon as he got to the line, Alex and Cassie quickly disappear out of our sight. He didn't saying anything, he kinda just stood there in utter silence.

"Lose something?" I said slightly annoyed. 

"Uh, no."he responded.


"Are you busy-" I cut him off.

"I can't hang out."I simply stated.

"Oh, cause I was just thinking-" I cut him off again, this time placing my food on my tray a bit roughly.

"I can't."

"Well , maybe tomorrow we-" I didn't let him finish. It was like every second he was still around me, the hard I placed my breakfast on my tray.

"I can't, so how about you see if one of your late night date can hang out with you. THEY MUST CLEARLY KNOW YOU BETTER THAN I DO!" I snapped.

I suddenly felt all the eyes in the Cafeteria on me. I wanted scream, cry, and hit something all at the same time. But i just walked away to the table that Cassie and Alex were sitting at with their mouths dropping and their forks stopping. After a good minute the Cafeteria went back to its normal sound. I couldn't stay in there. Not with him in there. I took some of my breakfast and went up stair to my dorm. I walked in and saw Crystal laying on my bed with her headphones sewed into her ears and a book in her hands. 

Crystal: Hey I thought you weren't gonna be back till after breakfast.

Santana: Yeah well, turns out I'm not that hungry. But here you eat.

I tossed her the grilled cheese sandwich and apple I took from my tray. I laid on the couch in the dorm that was by the windows. I could feel crystal's concerned eyes staring directly at me. I turned my back to the door. I didn't want to cry. I was so angry. I wasn't soo angry at Calum, but more with myself. I let myself get that feeling, of remembering what it felt like, losing. Losing Trust. I always let myself trust the wrong people. I started to remember the question Luke asked me at the end of the homecoming bash. That same feeling of not wanting to remember the past. My last school, the last memory I have from there. The one thing that keeps replaying in that memory is, his face. I couldn't. I didn't want to remember. The laughing, the tears, the Trust. All the memories started flooding in. The room. Spinning. Sharp. Numb. Tears. Spinning. Falling. Laughing. 

I didn't realize, but apparently I was shaking, and crying. I snapped back into reality when Crystal put her hand on my shoulder and started rubbing my back. I just let myself cry. I moved myself to wrap my arms around her shoulders. She let me cry into her shoulder. It felt like we were going to stay like that forever if we didn't let go.

Crystal pulled away and said she was gonna get something to eat for later so we could just stay in all day. Before she walked out she asked if I was gonna be okay waiting for her. I just nodded okay, even though I didn't know myself. After she walked out, I jumped on the bed put in my headphones in. I put my spotify playlist "stressed out" on shuffle and waited. 

Calum POV:

I dragged myself into class. Luke was right, but when isn't he. Ever since I broke up with Tessa, girls have been gravitating towards me more. It was different. Tessa wasn't there to swat them away like flies. I just needed a distraction. Because ever since me a Tessa broke up she's been threatening me. Tessa just has been with me for so long that she's knows a lot. Even some secrets that not even the guys know about. Its been all so complicated that I just found distracting myself with these random girls. It never really meant anything to me, but i was to caught up in my own stuff to realize i was hurting people. It was my only way to make my mind stop thinking.

I've never seen Luke so pissed at me. I would be too, if he hurt Santana. She was different. I felt like my friendship with her was clean perfect glass and I just cracked it. Ugh, why am I such an idiot? After class I'm gonna try and talk to her. 

The bell rang, I walked out of class going straight towards the dorms not stopping for anything/anyone. I took out my phone to text Luke. And lucky for me I walk straight into someone, like the total idiot I am.

Crystal POV: 

I was completely lost to be honest but I wanted get to the cafeteria as fast as possible. I didn't like the idea of Santana alone like that. She just seemed so hurt. I hadn't seen her like that since the end of sophomore year. Anyways, I was still lost in this big ass school. I was gonna ask a guy in the hallway. He didn't notice me so he just bumped into me.

Calum: Oh I'm sorry.

Crystal: Oh its ok, I was just gonna ask you where the cafeteria is?

Calum: Wait, you go here?

Crystal: No. Not yet, at least.

Calum: Oh, ok. Cause I know if you went here, I would have definitely noticed you.

Crystal: Oh, really? *giggles*

To be honest his guy is so cute.


Oh no she didn't! Sorry it took so long. 


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