Mrs all- New York City

UTA is the bordering school to the talented Santana Arkwood. She meet in the Calum, Luke, Michael and Ashton there. Her friendship with Calum and Luke and the boys helps her grow out of the shadows. But the boys isn't the only people she meets...


1. Dorms

Michael: Roommates?!?

Calum: Yes, it's not that bad so stop flipping out about it, would yeah?

Ashton: Calum, how are you NOT FLIPPING OUT ABOUT IT?!!

Michael: Yeah, how come you're so calm about a complete stranger just walking in there and living with you in the same room???

Luke: Cause unlike you to idiots Calum already knows who he's roommate is.

Michael & Ashton: YOU DO??

Calum: Yeah. Luke didn't tell yea I'm rooming with him. Lucky huh? *says sarcastically*

Michael: Wait how did you find out that he was your roommate?

Calum: They have a board up in the recreation hall with names and rooms.

Michael & Ashton: *glance at each other* they rushed down to the halls pushing and shoving each other.

Luke & Calum: *start snickering*

The next day, Calum and Luke move all their stuff into their dorm. Ashton helped them unpack and arrange a few things, while Michael was arranging his side of the room since his roommate didn't get there yet.


(Alex and Santana drove up to the school in Santana's jeep.)

Santana: That is the last time you drive my jeep

Alex: oh come on at least no one lost a mailbox this time

Santana & Alex: *start laughing*

Santana: Oh shut up. I want to get to my room before my roommate does so I can pick my side first.

Alex: ok, ok mom, now stop nagging me about it would yeah

Santana: *laughs while rolling her eyes at Alex and lightly pushes her away.*

Santana and Alex walk up to the United by The Arts or otherwise known as the UTA. Santana goes to the café for a cup of coffee while Alex looked for their rooms.


Alex and Santana are total dorks, weird and awkward. They have been best friends since the second grade when Alex sat next to her and threw up one day during snack time. While everyone was saying eww and laughing Santana stuck next to her and did nothing but make her feel better. They've been best friends ever since.

(Santana goes to get a cup of coffee while Alex looks for there dorms)

Barista : NEXT!


Luke: Hey Calum, go get us some coffee mate.

Calum: No I went last time you go this time and get off your bum why don't yeah.

Ashton: Calum come on. Were all starving just get us some coffee and donuts alright?

Calum: *rolls eyes* fine, alright I'll go.

Calum walks out heading down the hall, around the corner to the café.


Back at the Café

Santana is next when Calum comes up behind her.

Barista: Next!

Santana: yeah can I have one double chocolaty chip Frappuccino and one Caramel Frappuccino both grande

Barista: alright that will be $10.50

Santana pulls out her wallet dropping her change on the floor. She pulls out her ten dollars and starts searching around her back pockets for change.

Calum notices and gives the barista a dollar for Santana's two coffees. Santana looks over at him in shyness.

Santana: tha- thank you.

Calum: no problem

Santana: *stares at the floor as starts to blush*

He tips his head to look at her face she was shyly hiding.

Calum: my names Calum

Santana: my names Sa- *phone rings*

It's Alex calling. Santana excuse herself as she answers the phone with a disappointed sigh.

Santana: What do you what?

Alex: come quick!! *hangs up*

Santana: I'm sorry, but I have to go.

Santana dashes off with the coffee to the rack room.

Santana: WHAT? What happened?

Alex: Nothing I just was tired of waiting.

Santana: *hits Alex on the head* Really?!!

Santana runs off back to the Café hoping to catch "Cute Coffee Guy" on his way out. But it was to late he was already talking to so other chick, who looked to be this girlfriend.


Calum POV:

I was sorta in a dazed. This girl was a complete stranger to me. And yet, in a matter of two minutes, she made smile like I heard a familiar corny joke. I wish I caught her name before she ran off, like a superhero would, I guess.  

Tessa: hey you

Calum: oh hey

Tessa: so what were you thinking about? Was it me again?

Calum: huh? Oh nothing.


Two day

Santana and Alex moved into their dorms with their new roommates. Santana roommate is pretty cool she's a band major. She plays guitar. Her name is Cassie. They talked about bands and songs and upcoming concerts. They're total band geeks.

Santana: hey do you mind, I like to listen to music while I study.

Cassie: nah go right ahead.

Santana plays her study playlist she made. Cassie, after awhile, notices how good her playlist is and gets an idea.

Cassie: Hey you made this playlist?

Santana: Um, yeah?

Cassie: these are some sick beats. Have you ever made a playlist for a party?

Santana: well yeah, but I've never actually used it for one.

Cassie: *has a devilish smirk* are you busy Friday night?

Cassie tells Santana all about the kick-off bash on campus, and how she wants Santana to just make a playlist and drop it off before the bash and she can go. Santana agrees to do the playlist on one condition her and her best friend got to go and she would get credit for the playlist. Cassie understand and they had a deal.


Calum's POV:

I can't stopping thinking about her. Her dimple and her big, yet shy, smile. I got find out who this girl.

Calum's gets interrupted in his thoughts when he hears a noise calling him from the door.

Ashton: *whispers* Calum!

Calum asks to be excused from world history. He takes the pass and runs up to Ashton and Luke that were waiting outside.

Calum: What you guys do'in here?

Ashton: We need to have a band meeting, I think we have a gig.


Ok that's the end of the first chapter hope you guys liked it.

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