Calum hoods little sister..(a luke hemmings fan fiction)

"Love hurts.." Ariana said. I stared at her blankly with my tear stained face..

"Love doesn't hurt, its the person we love, that hurts us.."

*copyright 2014- I wrote this and made it up by myself ask before using any materials in this book, please and thank you- ©®™


2. hang out day..

"So.. Are you excited to see your brother?" Ariana asked as she popped a chip into her mouth. "Totally, I mean, we are really close, I'm very excited!" I say taking a sip of my soda. "Do you have a crush on any of the members?" Ariana asked "we'll.. I never really thought about it.. I'm not sure, they are just like brothers to me.." I say turning my attention back to our movie. "What about Luke?" She says "what about him?" I say sternly "why do you guys hate each other?" Ari asks once again "why do you ask so many questions?" "Why do you have so many answers?" She corked an eye brow and chuckled. I slowly drifted off to sleep.

"Selly" a voice whispers "sel!" The voice says a bit louder "SELENA MARIE GOMEZ" the voice yells making me sit straight up only to find Ariana in the floor laughing "you know how much I love my sleep!" I cross my arms over my chest "selena, honey, you were asleep for ten minutes." She said "okay this better be important. Why did you wake me up?" I sighed. "Your brother texted. He's coming home early we have to go to the air port!" She squeals "y-your kidding me right?" I say and smile while we squeal and jump up and down. I ran to my room to get ready. I got a white shirt with black lace on it, a high wasted black skirt, and a black cardigan, and white flats, I put on my usual make up and walked down stairs smiling like an idiot. I finally get to see my brother after 8 months.

We were I the car while I was driving. It was very quiet so Ariana quickly turned on the radio. The song that came on was the A team by Ed sheeran.

"White lips, pale face, breathing in the snow flakes"

I sang softly. The next song was shadow by austin mahone, then really don't care by Demi lovato, then best song ever by one direction, and then she looks so perfect by my brothers band, 5sos, came on, me and Ariana sang along quietly, then don't stop by my brothers band came on, uh oh.. This was Ariana's favorite so g at the moment.. She smirked and rolled down the window.

"EVERYBODY WANTS TO TAKE YOU HOME TONIGHT, IM GONNA FIND AWAY TO MAKE YOU MINE! DONT STOP DOIN' WHAT YOU DOIN'!" She yelled as loud as possible out the window. I just laughed and pulled into the airport.

A/N sorry if I'm not very good at writing.. I will try to update as much as I can! I can't figure out how to insert a picture into my movella.. Can you guys tell me? You guys are awesome! I start school very soon, so I will try my best to update! Love ya! (I still need help figuring out how to insert a picture, would you mind telling me? Thanks!) Xx

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