Calum hoods little sister..(a luke hemmings fan fiction)

"Love hurts.." Ariana said. I stared at her blankly with my tear stained face..

"Love doesn't hurt, its the person we love, that hurts us.."

*copyright 2014- I wrote this and made it up by myself ask before using any materials in this book, please and thank you- ©®™


3. airports, fans, and my brothers band

Ariana and I carefully excited my car and walk over to the gate they would be coming from, we then herd loud screams from all of the fans around us signaling that the boys were here. I saw ashton and Michael walk out with Luke following shortly behind them, after Luke Calum walked out. I ran over to him jumping in his arms wrapping my legs around his waste as he chuckled softly "missed me?" He said in a sarcastic tone which made me smile. "SELENA!!! AAAHHHHHH" I herd a voice call for me, I turned around "MICHAEL!!!" I yell as he brought me into a bone crushing hug. Next I gave a little side hug to ashton and muttered a hi to Luke as we quickly walked back to my car.

As we entered my house Calum ran and jumped on the couch like a little kid "it's good to me home" he sighed over dramatically causing Ariana to stifle a laugh.

"Let's play truth or dare?" Ashton suggested while everyone mutters a "sure" or "alright" or "fine"

"Okay.. Ariana, truth or dare?" Calum asked

"Mmmhhmmm truth.." "Do you have any hidden talents?" Calum said expect ion. A quick answer.

"Uh.. Mmmm.. I.. Uh maybe?" Sue stuttered as her eyes widen even bigger if that was possible.. "What is it?" Ashton piped in "I sing a little.." She muttered "so does selena.." She added and my head shot straight at her.. "Oops.." She whispered. "Sing! Sing! Sing! Sing!" Everybody shouted and we looked wide eyed at each other "ugh okay fine fine!" I say "we write our own songs so yeah.." I added

Ariana first.. (Popular song, on her album yours truly..)

"You were the popular one, the popular chick, it is what it is now I'm popular ish standing on the field with your pretty Pom Pom now your working at the movie selling popular corn, could if been a mess bit I never went wrong so I'm putting down my story in a popular song, I said in putting down my story In a popular song, my problem, I never was a model, I never was a scholar but you were always popular, you were singing all the songs u don't know now your in the front row cause my song is popular, popular I know about popular, it's not about who you are or your fancy car, your only ever who you were, popular, I know about popular, it's not about who you are or you fancy car, your only ever who you were.." She sang. By the time she was done there eyes were wide, she smiled sheepishly "that wasn't the full song but.." She started "I don't care that was awesome!" Michael whisper/ yelled "okay sel your turn.." Ashton said

Selena's turn.. (My dilemma from her album when the sun goes down)

"You make me so upset sometimes, I feel like I could loose my mind, the conversation goes No where cause your never gonna take me there.. And I know, what I know, and I know your not good for me, yeah I know, what I know, and I know it's bit meant to be, here's my dilemma one half of me wants ya, and the other half just wants to forget, my my my dilemma, I just can't get you out of my head, and I tell myself to run from you but I find myself attracted, to my dilemma, my dilemma, it's you.." I looked up at them and there jaws were dropped, "t-that wasn't the full somg, I uh.. Um sorry if it was bad-" I was cut off "that was fantastic.." Luke said and everybody looked toward him he never compliments me. His face turned a light pink. Was he blushing? No! I thought to my self "wait! I said that out lots didn't i?" He asked and we nodded "oops.. We'll.. Can't a guy compliment somebody?" He said with a sly grin, I just smirked and went to bed along with everyone else.

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