Calum hoods little sister..(a luke hemmings fan fiction)

"Love hurts.." Ariana said. I stared at her blankly with my tear stained face..

"Love doesn't hurt, its the person we love, that hurts us.."

*copyright 2014- I wrote this and made it up by myself ask before using any materials in this book, please and thank you- ©®™


1. about me

I'm selena gomez, my brother is Calum hood. Your probably wondering why we don't have the same last name.. It's because we have different fathers. My dad left, and honestly, I don't even know where he is. I couldn't care lass though.

I'm 17 and I love to sing and act. I'm not famous like my brother though. My brother and I tell each other everything, but I didn't tell him this, only my best friend knows. I have brown eyes and long curly brown hair. I'm 5"5 so I guess I'm average hight. I live in Australia but my dad is from Texas so I have an American accent.

My best friend is Ariana grande. She is an amazingly talented singer and actress, she could be famous, but she's not. She has brown eyes and bright red hair, because she dyes it, she just dyed it for the 4th time about 6 days ago, she won't dye it anymore though because she wants her natural brown hair back. She lives in Australia but she is from Florida so she has an American accent.

My brother is in a band called 5 seconds of summer. They are not that bad. I get along with all the member except Luke. He hates me, I hate him, we want to kill each other. You can't even leave us alone in a room for 3 seconds without us fighting. We hate each other. We always have & we always will. I'm not really sure why.

Ariana and I are picking my brother and his band up from. The airport in 2 weeks cause they are coming home from Tour.

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