Decisions *sequel to Dont give up on us*

*sequel to Dont give up on us*
Read 'Dont give up on us' before reading this story!
Valerie and Zayn have a lot of work to do on there relationship.. If there even is one?! There will be even more lies and deceptions, who can you trust? Who is telling the truth? Read to find out!


10. chapter 45

Harry's P.O.V

With the music blaring in my ear and my girl in my view dancing the night away, I'd say this is a pretty great fucking night. With a cup of vodka in my hand I laugh at some non sense joke my mate said but my mind was too focused on the beautiful girl in front of me. Her hips swayed to the rhythm of the beat and goddamn did I want her.

"Harry are you listening?" Liam asks quirking an eyebrow and I nod shifting my eyes from Naomi to Liam.

"Sorry just...distracted that's all" I say taking a swig from my cup and he chuckles.

"Man I need a girl. A girl who I can love and cherish and just show off to the world" I chuckle at his response and shake my head. "What?" Liam asks confused.

"You're so lonely man" I say letting out a small chuckle as I pat him on the back. "Ok see that girl with the blonde hair and green eyes?" I say pointing to the girl standing alone.

"Yeah..." Liam says slowly.

"Ask her to dance. Who knows that could be the Valerie to your Zayn" I say laughing and he hits me before going off to talk to the girl.

I walk into the kitchen to go and get another drink when I feel a tap on my back. I turn around to see who it is and immediately freeze.

No fucking way is this happening. How is she here? Why is she here?

"Harry I-" Alyssa begins to say but I cut her off.

"How did you get here?" I ask shocked and she smiles slightly.

"My friend said you were having a party. Damn Styles didn't know you were the party type" she says laughing and I pull her to the side of the kitchen where no one could see us.

"Yeah well after-" I stop myself from saying anything else and she looks at me sadly.

"After I left you started to party?" She says and I nod.

"Just wanted to have fun you know, and considering how we left things I kind of just wanted to forget it happened" I say trying to avoid looking into her eyes.

"You regret losing your virginity to me?" She says and I swear I can see tears in her eyes.

"No! Of course not. We were best friends and I liked you, maybe actually loved you. You were my first and will always have a special place in my heart. No one can replace you, I'll always love you." I say truthfully. I may not love her now but I think in that moment when it was just me and her I really did love her, I just didn't know it.

"Well good. Because I love you too and wouldn't change it for the world Styles" she says giggling and I laugh with her. I really did miss Alyssa, she was my best friend.

"Sorry we lost contact Alyssa, I meant to call you I just-"

"No worries Harry, all is forgiven. The past is the past right?"

"Right" I say with a sigh of relief. " It's good to have you back, I know Liam misses you"

"Well I miss him too, I should probably go talk to him before I head back home"

"You're not staying?" I ask sort of disappointed.

"Nope sorry Styles. The reason I came back was to make amends with you, didn't want to leave things left unsaid. But don't be a stranger" she says smiling brightly and I nod.

"Will do"

She exits the kitchen to go find Liam and I sigh. Alyssa was the best friend a guy could ever ask for and I'm glad I get to say that. I feel a weight being lifted off of me. I can finally move on with my life, my relationship.

I love Naomi, and now that this weight has been lifted off I can move forward with her.

Naomi's P.O.V

With the music blaring in my ear and my best friend dancing besides me, life is pretty good at the moment. I look to the side and see my loving boyfriend laughing along with Liam. God I love him. I love Harry Edward Styles and I think I always will. I know we're only in high school, but you never forget your first love. I turn back to Niall and Valerie as we continue to dance to the music.

"Naomi come with me to get a drink!" Valerie says over the loud music.

"Alright!" I say as we make our way through the crowd and into the kitchen.

We finally make it into the kitchen and it finally feels like I can breath.

"Oh my god I can breath" I say exaggerating a bit and Valerie laughs.

"Don't be so overdramatic" she says and I scoff as I make my way to the cooler.

I was about open the cooler when I hear someone talking. it sounds like Harry talking to some girl?

"No! Of course not. We were best friends and I liked you, maybe actually loved you. You were my first and will always have a special place in my heart. No one can replace you, I'll always love you." Harry says and my heart stops.

Who is he talking to? Is it Alyssa? No it can't be she moved right? I don't even know anymore.

"Hey what's wrong-" Valerie says and I cut her off.

" I think Harry's talking to his ex whatever they used to be" I say annoyed.

"You were my first and will always have a special place in my heart.No one can replace you, I'll always love you."

That line just keeps on replaying in my head over and over again. I thought he said he didn't love her? Am I not good enough?

I begin to heavily breath and Valerie begins to panic.

"Oh my god Naomi tell me what you heard!" She says and I tell her everything.

"Let's go" Valerie says and I sigh following her.

You know, people always said that love hurts and I never knew

"No" I say stopping in the middle of the hallway. Valerie looks at me confused.

"If he wants to play games then fine, Game on. But I will not alway myself to cry over him!" I say crying harder. "I can't and I won't".

"Naomi-" Valerie says but I cut her off.

"I'm going to hurt him just as much as he's hurt me. He wants to play? I can play just as hard." I say walking away confidently with Valerie hot on my trace.

"Hey Niall!" I say and Niall looks over at me smiling.

"I need a quick favor"

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