Decisions *sequel to Dont give up on us*

*sequel to Dont give up on us*
Read 'Dont give up on us' before reading this story!
Valerie and Zayn have a lot of work to do on there relationship.. If there even is one?! There will be even more lies and deceptions, who can you trust? Who is telling the truth? Read to find out!


8. chapter 43

Valerie's P.O.V

"W-what?" I ask shocked, he loves me!? Wait no he doesn't, he can't love me. I look up at him wide eyed, he seemed to sober up a little bit, making me even more worried. " you don't love me" I say shaking my head and he steps forward making me step back. " Yes I do, please believe me" he says almost begging, what do I do? I mean I do love him but I can't just take him back. Everyone stared at us in disbelief, probably because Zayn just admitted that he actually had feelings for anyone other than himself. " follow me" I say and walk up the stairs and into and empty room with Zayn quickly following behind. I shut the door and locked it, this was going to be a long battle and I knew it. " Zayn.." " before you say anything can you hear me out" he pauses for a moment as if waiting for my response, I cross my arms and nod my head telling him to continue. " I didn't cheat on you, I didn't kiss the girl, I didn't have sex with her, I didn't touch her, I didn't.." " Zayn just get on with it!" I say getting impatient. " ok, I didn't cheat, the only reason I even looked at the girl was because I thought she looked like you! So I guess she saw me staring at her and yeah.. We talked, got coffee and she gave me her phone number but that's it! I swear, harry came in and told me what I was doing was wrong and then I left her there and that's when I found you and Naomi." I didn't say anything, I wanted to believe him, I wanted to be with him, I really did. But how do I know if this will happen again or not? But there is no way I'll know, and that's the scary part. " please talk to me" he says putting his hand on my cheek and I leaned into the touch, oh how I've missed it. " I don't know what to say?" I tell him honestly, " well how do you feel about me?" He asked nervous about my response. What am I suppose to tell him?! That I love him too!? Well he did say he loved me.. " I.." Before I could answer he crashed his lips into mines and they moved in sync perfectly. " I love you too" I mumble against his lips, " what?" Zayn asked shocked, and I smile " I love you too Zayn" once those words fall off my lips he has the biggest smile on his face and he embraces me, it feels good to be back in his arms again, where I belong. " what does this mean for us?" Zayn asks worried and I laugh. "I guess we could try again" I say biting my lip and he nods. " let's go back down stairs before they start worrying, and by them I mostly mean Naomi" I giggle and he laughs, I missed this. We walk downstairs hand in hand and Naomi gives me a disapproving look, " kitchen. Now." Naomi demands, I let go of Zayn and give him an apologetic look before heading into the kitchen, I'm about to feel the wrath of what is Naomi, just great. " WHAT WAS THAT!?" Naomi yelled and I quickly covered her mouth " will you be quiet" I say sternly " oh please no one can here us over the music" I roll my eyes and let her continue " why are you with him! That's the stupidest thing you could have done!" She yells and I get mad. "Stop yelling at me! I love Zayn and he loves me, you heard him yourself!" I say defending Zayn. " Yes I did, but I also know the history between you two and remind me again on how it turned out?" She asks waiting for my answer and I don't respond, " exactly valerie, so I don't know if this is just a hook up or.." I cut her off before she can finish, " are you fucking serious Naomi! We aren't fuck buddies! How could you say that!? I'm not the one who lost her virginity at 16!" I retort back, I know it's a bit harsh but she thought me and Zayn were fucking!? Like she should know me better. " Woah there Val that's just fucking rude of you to say" she says shocked. "You're the one who thought I was just hooking up with Zayn like Naomi you blame me but your the one that started this" before she could talk I walked out of the room, I didn't want to talk to her. " hey babe.." I pulled Zayn away from Harry and walked back upstairs and into an empty bedroom not saying a word. " are you ok?" Zayn asked concern clear in his voice, " no Naomi and I had a fight" I say holding back tears and Zayn sighs and sits on the bed with me. " was it about me?" I nod and he gets up and paces back and forth, what is he doing? " Zayn what are you.." " am I ruining your life?" Zayn asks out of no where and I'm shocked. " No, of course not why would you think that?" " every thinks I'm ruining your life and that's not what in trying to do at all, I just want you to know that I love you and that I want to move forward with this relationship" I can't believe my ears, is Zayn Malik actually saying what I want to hear!? " you don't know how long I've wanted to hear that from you". I give him a hug and he gladly wraps his arms around me, this is a new beginning, I can feel it.

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