Decisions *sequel to Dont give up on us*

*sequel to Dont give up on us*
Read 'Dont give up on us' before reading this story!
Valerie and Zayn have a lot of work to do on there relationship.. If there even is one?! There will be even more lies and deceptions, who can you trust? Who is telling the truth? Read to find out!


7. chapter 42

* Zayn's P.O.V

I have no clue on what to do now, Valerie's definitely not going to forgive me now and I know for a fucking fact that she's going to go back to Liam, that kills me. Should I follow her? No she won't talk to me, should I apologize? No! I can't she always wins and I'm sick of it. I'm overthinking this way to much, she said she was going to her house so that means I can go back to the party. Good.. I need a drink.

Valerie's P.O.V

I was walking home, and trust me it's a long walk. Should I go home? I don't think I should, I really need to talk to Naomi. *ring* *ring* I look down at my phone and it's Naomi, thank god. " hello?" " Val! Where are you I can't find you!" She shouts through the phone. " umm I'm walking from Zayn's house", there was silence before she spoke up. " why were you at Zayn's?" She says not happy. "we needed to talk but he wouldn't talk to me, which makes absolutely no sense since he brought me there!" " where are you? Niall's going to pick you up" I give her the address and we say our goodbyes. I just sit on the corner and think. How could I have ever thought that Zayn and I would have worked out? We are so different, but I still love him. But here I am sitting on a curb on a Saturday night, debating whether or not I should take Zayn back. *beep beep* I am taken out of my thoughts by Niall honking at me. " get in!" He yells and I hop in the car and hug him. " thank you" " no problem" he says smiling as I settle into my seat. " you and Zayn are something" he says focusing on the road and I sigh, "yeah I know" " I wouldn't be surprised if 10 years from now you guys were married" I gave him a confused look and he laughed. " you guys may be broken up now but trust me, you guys love each other and one of these days you guys will be crawling back to each other." I thought about what he just said, do they think we love each other that much? I mean I do love Zayn but he hasn't said 'I love you' to me yet and he probably never will. " so have you asked out Analina?" I ask trying to change the subject and he looks at me surprised. " how did you know about that?" And my eyes widen. " oh my god! you asked her out!?" I squealed excited and he laughs. "yeah, but I didn't want everyone to know, like you and Zayn and how they bother you.." He stops and immediately apologizes. "it's fine Niall" I say giving him a small smile. " where did you go on your first date!" I ask excited, " we didn't go on one yet" he says and I gasp. " why!?" " I don't know where to take her?" " go to the beach, picnic in the park, go star gazing! Do something!" I say over exaggerating. " those are good ideas Val, will you help me plan a date!?" He asks and I can tell he's excited. " I would be honored" I lean in and hug him tightly, I love Niall. He was always so easy to talk to. " Louis and I are staying over at Harry's place tonight, you and Naomi should stay too" Niall suggests and I nod my head sure, what will my parents say? I text my parents and say I'm sleeping over at Naomi's house.

Ok have fun! - mom

I smile and we head into the house, why are there still so many people. I look at the clock and see that it is 10, oh that's why. I walk around and finally find Naomi on Harry's lap talking. I plop down on the couch next to them. "hello!" I say surprising them. " Val!" Naomi says getting up and hugging me. Harry gets up and hugs me too and we all sit back down. " so how are you feeling?" Harry asks and I shrug " ok but I actually kind of wanted to talk to Zayn, but yeah that didn't happen" Naomi and I started our own convo and that's when I see Harry's eyes widen. " what's wrong harry?" I ask and he points towards the other end of the room, I turn around and see a drunk zayn stumbling towards us, when did he get here? " Zayn?" I ask getting up " oh hey b-babe" Zayn slurs and I stand back, "Zayn why are you so drunk?" I ask for what feels like the millionth time in over a month. " I'm stressed ok!" He yells and I flinch, " stop yelling zayn!" I say and see everyone staring at us. " Why are you so fucking ashamed of me!? I know I'm a fuck up but I.." He stops and starts stumbling trying to get his balance. " how much did you drink?" I ask " not that much" " Zayn are you acting like this?!" He thinks as if thinking if he should say what's really on his mind or not. " because.." He says hesitant. "Because what Zayn!" I yell, I'm so tired and I just want him to tell me what's on his mind. " I love you"

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