Decisions *sequel to Dont give up on us*

*sequel to Dont give up on us*
Read 'Dont give up on us' before reading this story!
Valerie and Zayn have a lot of work to do on there relationship.. If there even is one?! There will be even more lies and deceptions, who can you trust? Who is telling the truth? Read to find out!


6. chapter 41

Valerie's P.O.V

We were driving to Zayn's house in complete silence, it was awkward but I mean it could be worse, we could be yelling at each other. " wanna listen to music?" Zayn says keeping his eyes on the road. " No" I plainly said and I hear a sigh, he needs to relax. "why are you so stubborn" Zayn mumbles "I'm not stubborn Zayn! All I said was that I didn't want to listen to music, ok? That's all!" I said folding my arms and looking out the window, we were fighting because I didn't want to listen to music! What has become of my life.

We finally made it to Zayn's house, he got up to open my door for me but I opened it before he could reach it and stomped off to his door. " ok.. Fine" Zayn says walking up to the door and unlocking it. We got inside and I felt uncomfortable, well since he's my ex I didn't know what to do. " you can sit" he says rubbing the back if his neck, " ok" I said quietly and sat down on the couch, this couldn't get anymore awkward. " so.. Are you and Liam.." I stand corrected, " why do you want to know?" I said crossing my arms, I really didn't want to talk. " because even though your my ex I still care about you" Zayn says and I mentally awe but then shake my head away from the thought. " I care about you too" I say half smiling and he smiled " so are you?" Zayn says pushing the subject, " No Zayn I'm not, we just broke up" I say " but obviously you moved on" I mumble not meaning for him to hear but his head snaps up. " oh yeah that" he says shoving his hands in his pocket, " it was nothing, we are just.. I actually don't know what to call her" he says shrugging " well I really liked the way she was grinding on you" I say sarcastically and he smirks " don't be jealous, you could always get your turn" he says cockily and I smirk " that's ok, I would have more fun with Liam" I say fake smiling, I knew I shouldn't have said that but he was pushing my buttons. A flash of pain comes across his face and I soon regretted my decision. " you know what I'm done" Zayn says walking into the other room, oh no I pushed him too far. I heard crashing from the other room and immediately ran to see what was going on. When I got to the kitchen there was glass everywhere, how could he afford to break this much stuff?! Zayn grabbed a vase and shattered it. "Zayn Stop!" I plead tugging on his shirt. "WHY SHOULD I, HUH!? WHY DO YOU CARE!? ALL YOU EVER DO IS BE A BITCH AND I CAN'T STAND IT ANYMORE!!" Zayn shouts, I don't say anything I was shocked, but everything he said was true. Why should he listen to me? Why do I care? And I can be a bitch but I didn't think I was that bad. I looked down at Zayn's hand and saw it was bleeding, " Zayn your hand!" I say alarmed but he rolls his eyes. "I can fix it later" he mumbles but I don't listen, I grab his clean hand and go upstairs to the bathroom so I can clean him up. " Where is your first aid kit?" I ask " Why do you.." " Zayn just tell me where it is!" I say sternly and he points to the cabinet, now we are getting somewhere. I grab the first aid kit and open it up, I clean up the blood and grab the disinfectant spray. " this may sting" I say " Valerie I'm not a fucking child just spray me" Zayn says angrily " ok fine" I spray him and he hisses " I told you" I say laughing, he sort of laughs but I can tell he's trying not to. " Ok Zayn stop acting like this and actually talk to me" I say wrapping his hand in a bandage. " why? So you can yell at me or so you can not listen to me or is it so you can just run back to Liam" he says getting up and going into his room. I put the first aid kit back into the cabinet and quickly follow Zayn. "Zayn, stop why are you acting like this!" Zayn stays quiet and lies down on his bed looking at his phone and I groan. " Zayn!, Zayn!" I say trying to get his attention but he's glued to his phone. I sit at the edge of his bed, "Zayn you said you wanted to talk, that's why you brought me here" I say touching his leg and he tenses, he's always so tense. I sigh there is no use, my phone starts buzzing and I take it out, it was Liam. " I didn't know if I should answer him or not, well Zayn isn't talking to me so might as well answer. " hello?" " hey Val where are you?" He asks worried " I'm at Zayn's house Liam don't worry" when I said Liam's name Zayn's head shoots up to look at me. "Want me to pick you up?" Liam asks and I smile, he was adorable. " that's sweet Liam thank you but.." Before I could answer, my phone was snatched out of my hand and the call was ended. " Really!?" I say turning around to face Zayn, I try to grab my phone but he stuffs it in his pocket and lays back down, putting his attention back to his phone, is he serious. " Zayn?" I question but he doesn't listen. " Give me my phone!" I yell frustrated. "you don't want to talk to me and you won't let me talk to Liam or have my phone what the fuck am I suppose to do?" He doesn't say anything, is this some sick joke. I crawl up to him and lay besides him, hoping he will turn his attention to me but he doesn't, I mentally groan. My phone is in his front pocket, how am I going to get it? " Zayn?" I asked and he turned his head as if telling me to continue. " can I have my phone back?" I ask sweetly and he shakes his head going back to his phone, fine I guess I'll have to do it. I put my leg over Zayn's legs so I am on top of him now and he is in between my legs, Zayn looks at me confused and I smiled innocently. "what? We've been in this situation before" I say trying not to laugh. " I just wanted to.." I say trailing off, leaning closer. Before my face was too close to his I grabbed my phone out of his pocket and quickly got off of him. " You fucking tease" he growls " don't be mad" I say pouting and he scoffs, "whatever I didn't want to kiss you anyways" Zayn said " I rather kiss Madison" he mumbles not meaning for me to hear but I heard. " Wow" is all I say before heading out of his room and down the stairs, I was just trying to make the situation less awkward than it already was but he had to ruin it. " where are you going?" Zayn asked coming down the stairs, " home" " how can you go home if you don't have a ride?" " well I don't have a choice now do I?" I say rolling my eyes. "well maybe if you wouldn't have been hanging all over Liam I would give you one!" Zayn spits out, is he fucking serious. " first off I wasn't hanging all over Liam! You and Madison seemed to be having a great time though" I say sarcastically. " why do you have to be so jealous!?" "Umm.. Excuse you, you were just mad at me about a minute ago for "hanging" all over Liam" I say putting quotations around hanging. "That's different!" He shouts " how?!" " Liam is all over you and I see the way he looks at you and it makes me sick!" He says running his fingers through his hair. " how do you think I feel when I see Madison hanging all over you with the sluttiest outfits and me knowing that you guys have had sex many times!" " so!?" Zayn asks, like what the fuck. " so your saying I can't hang out with Liam but you can have Madison hang all over you!?" I asked shocked and he doesn't say anything. " ok then" I say and walk out of the door, this is why we broke up and this is why we will stay broken up.

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