Decisions *sequel to Dont give up on us*

*sequel to Dont give up on us*
Read 'Dont give up on us' before reading this story!
Valerie and Zayn have a lot of work to do on there relationship.. If there even is one?! There will be even more lies and deceptions, who can you trust? Who is telling the truth? Read to find out!


4. chapter 39

Valerie's P.O.V

I was sitting on my couch in sweatpants and a ponytail watching reruns of pretty little liars. I can't believe these girls haven't moved out of the country by now. I was so concentrated on the show that I didn't even realize my doorbell ringing, " I'm coming!" I shouted as I lazily got off my couch and walked towards the door, I really didn't feel like company today. " hello?" I say as I opened the door " Val!.. Why are you dressed like that?" Naomi said looking at my outfit, oh shit I didn't tell her me and Zayn broke up. " um.. Nothing" I say going back inside with her following. " what happened with Zayn now?" Naomi says crossing her arms " how did you know?" I asked curiously, " oh please Val, you and Zayn have a fight like every other day" Naomi says a matter of factly. She was right, Zayn and I do fight a lot but that's kind of why we broke up. " ok well Zayn and I broke up.. Again" just saying again makes me feel like such an idiot, Zayn has me wrapped around his finger. " oh well the reason I came over was to ask you if you wanted to go to a party over at Harry's house?" Naomi says all cheery, of course it was Harry's house I mean it's huge! " why didn't you just call or text me?" "Because Val, I wanted to help you get ready!" She says and I roll my eyes, " of course you do but I don't want to go" I say sitting back down. " why Val!? You could meet cute boys" " umm if you haven't noticed I just got out of a relationship!" " Val forget about Zayn and have fun!" Naomi was right I need to forget about Zayn and have fun. "Fine let's get ready" I say and she smiles while pulling me to my room where we got ready.

It was 7:00 and we were all ready to go to Harry's party, to be honest I just wanted to forget about Zayn and have a good time. " ok let's go!" Naomi said as she pulled me out of my house and into her car, this was going to be a fun night... I hope.

Naomi's P.O.V

We were on our way to Harry's house and I couldn't wait to see him! Even though I saw him earlier today, I didn't care I loved to be with him! " we are here!" I say as we pull up to Harry's house there were a bunch of cars parked and you could hear the loud music from inside. I hear Valerie sigh " what's wrong?" " nothing" she says and opens her door, getting out. What's wrong with her? I just ignored it, I'll make her tell me later. We walk to the door and knock on it, seconds later harry opens and I have the biggest grin on my face. " HARRY!!" I say as I jump in his arms and kiss him passionately " hey babe, hey Val" Harry says smiling at us and we smile back. " well come on in, have a drink" Harry says winking as he grabs my waist, I feel so protected. " I'm going to look around" Valerie says and harry and I nod as she leaves. " Valerie looks down" Harry says frowning " I know but she'll get over it" I say and he slightly smiles. " wanna dance?!" Harry yells over the music and I nod. We make our way over to the dance floor where they were playing Happy Little Pill by Troye Sivan. Harry grabbed my waist and we started dancing, I wasn't really grinding on him, I'm not that dirty. We danced for a while and then decided to go to the living room where there was a beer pong game going on, " wanna play!?" A guy with black hair and hazel eyes asked me with a smirk and I could feel Harry tense, " sure" I said as I went on the other side of the table with Harry " you're my partner" I say with a wink and Harry smirks. " do you know how to play?" The guy asks and I shake my head " ok if my ball lands in one of your cups you have to drink it, you and harry take turns to throw and drink, and the first players to drink all there beer loses" he says smiling, " ok, sounds easy enough" I grabbed my ball and bounced it on the table, making it on my first shot. " Yes!" I shouted and high fived Harry " good job babe!" Harry says kissing my cheek and the guy rolls his eyes, what's his problem? " you got game, but I think I'm going to win" he says confidently and I laugh " ok sure" we played the game for about thirty minutes and harry and I win! " Yes!" Me and Harry shout in unison and hug, Harry and I are kind of drunk but it was worth it. " wanna play again?" The guy asked and I shook my head, I wanted to find Val, where is she?

Valerie's P.O.V

I walk into a room and see a group of people talking and drinking. " wanna drink?" I turn around and see a brown haired with brown eyes boy smiling down at me. " sure" I say smiling and take a sip of the drink and immediately gag. " what was that?!" I say feeling the burning sensation run down my throat. " alcohol? What else did you expect at a party?" He says laughing and I slightly smile, " well, I don't drink" I say handing him back his cup and he laughs " ok suit yourself, wanna play a game in the other room?" I thought about it for a minute, I just met him? Why would I go with him? Go have fun for once! My subconscious says and I mentally nod, wow first time I actually agreed with my subconscious. I snapped out of my thoughts and nod my head, he extends his hand for me to grab it and I hesitantly do, we go into the other room where there are a few other people. " Ok we are playing truth or dare!" One girl shouted, I recognize her from school. Everyone gathers in a circle and takes a seat. I sit next to the guy I met earlier and another guy. " wait I'll be right back!" The guy I met earlier says getting up, walking out the door. He comes back a few minutes later with... Madison and Zayn!? My hearts starts racing and my heart breaks, wow he got over me that easily. He scans the room and he finally spots me, his eyes widen and he let's go of Madison's hand, like that will help. The guy from earlier sits back down next to me and smiles at me and I smile back, I can see Zayn glaring at us from the corner of my eyes and I smile to myself, that's what he gets. " Ok let's begin".

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