Trust • h.s

Trust is something you find in a fairytale, where the prince finds their princess and live in a happily ever after.
But this is no fairytale, this is real life.
And in real life, trust doesn't exist.


3. 3

I stood there about to say something until he spoke,

"Hi, I'm Harry. You know, from the bus."

His voice left me speechless. Willow. Say something god damnit!

"I'm Willow."

Wow I sound like an idiot.

"Cool, do you really wanna talk about this or just act like we did?"

"I don't feel like it right now"

I'm still surprised he hasn't pointed out how much I was daydreaming. Why did this teacher have to pair me up with him?!

"So maybe instead of talking about the project you can tell me a little about yourself?"

I stood there frozen. What was there to know about me? I'm a junior that can't stop looking at a person I don't even know.

"There's not a lot to know about me. All you really need to know is that I'm a junior and I'm not good at making friends."

He laughed at my description. Then he spoke,

"I'm sure you're not bad at making friends, look you just made one."

"Believe me if you weren't my partner you wouldn't be."

"Sure I would."

Then the bell rang, and I grabbed my things and headed to my next class, English.

*skip to lunch*

I sat down at my table and everyone was already there staring at me with a weird look. I looked back at them very confused. What was going on? Did I do something?


"How's your partner there?" Carter said with a smirk, giving me a weird wink. Sometimes he can make me so mad.

"Ha ha very funny. He's actually an ok person, unlike Bella."

"Don't mention Bella! I hate her!"

Everyone laughed afterwards. Then I heard a huge whack as if someone was slapping someone across their face.

I turned around to see who it was. Harry was standing over one of the biggest jocks of the school.

Jack Darwin.

Captain of the football team, and every girls dream, every girl except me. He's been an enemy of mine since 8th grade. He would call me names every single day, and every day was about a different part of my body. Legs, stomach, butt, pretty much everywhere. But the real reason why I hated him was because of his lies. In 7th grade, we dated for a few months, and I actually thought, the stupid middle-schooler I was, we were gonna be together forever. He would make all these promises to me that he will never hurt me and always will be there for me, even if we did breakup. Like most relationships, they end. I found him kissing another girl at a dance we went to when I came back from the restroom. I was so heartbroken after that. I ended it immediately, and never talked to him again after that. The next day, he started the whole name calling shit with me, which I didn't care about, but it still kinda hurt how much of an ass he really was. And he still is.

But how did Harry end up taking him down? Jack was one of the strongest guys (as people say) in the school. Whatever he was, I was still in shock. Harry walked away from Jacks body still lying on the floor. I got up from my seat and followed Harry out of the cafeteria. Where was he going?

No Willow. Don't follow him. Bad idea. Go to class.

The bell rang and I decided to just let him be. I grabbed my stuff and went to my locker to grab my stuff for anatomy & physiology. As I walked into the class, I quickly sat next to Stacy,

"Did you see that fight? He beat up Jack!!" She quickly stated to me

"Yes I know I saw it"

"That kid that best him up was my new neighbor I was talking about yesterday!"

Oh no. That's her neighbor?! Dammit I should've known!! What the hell is wrong with me?!

Then Stacy said, "hey do you wanna come to my place after school?"

"Sure! I'll see ya then!"

Then the bell rang and I went to my last class. I sat down at the farthest seat away from everyone. I really wanted to just sit and think to myself. Harry hasn't left my mind and I need him to get out. Now. I plugged my headphones in and laid back in my seat. A few minutes later I feel a tap on my left shoulder. I took out one headphone and looked over to see who it was. Great.

"You again?"

"Well I am supposed to be in this class"

This Harry kid is making me so mad. Every time I try to get him out of my mind, he comes back. What am I supposed to do now?

"Do you like art?" He quickly asked

I responded to a yes as if it was obvious. There's a reason why I'm in the class. Weird.

"That's cool. I'm sorry I'm being very awkward, I just wanna talk to someone rather then listen to this guy"

He pointed his head towards the teacher. He was right, he was pretty annoying. He would repeat everything he says twice, as if to annoy us.

Throughout the whole class period me and Harry started to get more comfortable talking and began to talk about ourselves. He wasn't so bad as I thought he'd be, but he's still got this cockiness in him that makes him slightly annoying, but somehow I didn't care. And ontop of all that, he was amazing to look at. Every few minutes or so he'd slick his hair out of his face with his large hands, and I wouldn't want it to end. He was so hot.

Later on I asked him about his tattoo that I was questioning on the bus. Turns out it was a rose, and a beautiful one too. He explained that it was symbolizing his sister, Gemma, who was killed in a car crash with her boyfriend.

Once the bell rang, we both stood up and I was on my way to my locker when Harry stopped me shoving a folded piece of paper in my pocket. I looked at him and he gave me a cocky smirk and walked away. What the fuck?

Once I got to Stacy's house, I quickly ran to her fridge grabbing a water bottle and back up to her room, I could grab anything out of her house and she wouldn't mind. I sat on her bed as she opened her laptop and logging onto skype. Then I remembered the piece of paper Harry gave me. I wondered what it was as I unfolded the paper. Just as I thought, his number was written in bold with a note on the bottom reading:

I know you enjoy talking to me, hmu sometime

-H. Styles

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