Trust • h.s

Trust is something you find in a fairytale, where the prince finds their princess and live in a happily ever after.
But this is no fairytale, this is real life.
And in real life, trust doesn't exist.


2. 2

2nd day of school. They're usually not to shabby, at least that's what I think. I got up later than I should have, so I didn't bother to put any makeup on. So I immediately went to my closet and put some light skinny jeans with a black fall out boy tshirt on and slipped on the loose bracelets from yesterday and black converse. I went downstairs and grab a granola bar and ran to the end of my street, where the bus was already about to leave. I apologized to the driver for being late and took a seat next to a guy that didn't look that familiar, was he knew? Sure looked like it with a little worry expression on his face as he quickly turned his head towards the window. I shrugged my shoulders and put my headphones on, playing fall out boy once again. This guy payed no attention what so ever anywhere near me, and kept his eyes glued to the window. I slightly looked over at him to get a better look at what this kid looked like.

He was surely tall, noticing how long his legs were. He wore black skinny jeans and a plain white tshirt with some logo I couldn't figure out what it was. His hair was slightly long and brown, with relaxing curls. They weren't that curly, but they weren't wavy-like either. His shoes looked like short boots but I couldn't see them that well due to the darkness from the inside of the bus. And towards his shoulder, his sleeve covered most of what looked like a tattoo that I also couldn't make out what it was, looked like a rose maybe? I'm not sure. Overall, this guy from my point of view looked to be somewhat attractive. But I turned my head back down looking at my phone to make sure he wasn't catching me glimpsing him. A few minutes later the bus stopped in front of the school and all of the kids started to walk towards the front of the bus to get off. I followed shortly behind them when I noticed a had grabbing my wrist that was pretty large pulling me back to my seat I sat in. The guy I was staring at was looking at me with one of my books in his huge hands.

"You dropped this" he said

"Oh thanks"

"Yah no problem."

I looked into his eyes that were extremely green, and man were they beautiful to look at. It made him even more attractive than what I imagined. Before I could get caught day dreaming in front of him I put my book he gave back to me in my bag and got off the bus.

The first bell has rang and Art was just about to get started until a bang at the door was interrupting the teacher explaining to us more about the class. As the teacher opened the door, she had this disquieted look on her face as if the person was the rudest person in this school. But from what I've noticed from last year (since I had her for this same class), she always gives that face to people who show up late, since it's what she calls one of her "outrageous" pet peeves.

"Well you must be Mr. Styles, my new student perhaps? If you really wanna make a good impression I reckon you show up on time tomorrow."

The student laughed and sarcastically added,

"Oh believe me I really do want to"

The class laughed at his comment and he sat down at the open seat across from Carter. I looked at him noticing that he was the guy that I sat next to on the bus. And I was right about him being tall, because the minute he passed the teacher he was already a foot above her height. Although this teacher is pretty short, he still had long legs. I couldn't help but stare at his figure for a few seconds, but then I notice that he was staring too so I looked back at the teacher and focused on what she was explaining which at this point I have no clue. I've already been distracted by someone I've just seen, get it together Willow! He's not even that good to look at! Actually, no he wasn't good to look at, he was amazing to look at. No. I need to stop. I don't even know the guy. Stop Willow. Focus!

I finally got myself focused after minutes of pushing myself to stop thinking about him and listened to the new project the teacher has assigned.

"Ok I will be assigning all of you partners for this assignment, and I am going to tell you now, you probably won't know the person you're with. So don't get too annoyed."

And after that she passed out the rubric for the project and called out who was with who. She's always done this before so it's not new to me that I won't be paired up with Carter in any group project anytime soon, unless she's nice enough to let us pick partners throughout the year. The rest of the hour was just her calling out names and letting us chat with our new partners to talk about the project.

Carter just got picked to pair up with a girl named Bella, who had curly blonde hair with brown eyes. She was one of the best singers in the choir, and I still don't know why she chose art because she's not even that good. In fact, she's horrible. Carter shot a glance at me forming a gun on his hand and putting it in his mouth as a sign of help because he absolutely hated being paired up with a bad artist. I laughed and then my name was called by the teacher.

"Willow, you'll be paired up with Harry."

Harry? Who's Harry? The minute I thought that in my head the guy with the charming green eyes appeared in front of me with the rubric in his hand. Oh no. Not him.

I know this is short but I decided to put the rest in the next chapter because my phone is all messed up at the moment so I apologize for that! Do you guys like it so far? What do you guys think of Harry? Let me know!!!! I'm getting more and more excited for this movella and I don't know why xD I'll post more soon today :)))

-Maddi Olivia Styles

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