Little White Lies

"Garrett pleas no" I pleaded. He just laughed and took his belt off "w-wh-what are you doing?" I said terrified. "Please!!!!" It was to late he took the belt and.............

I've been living with the boys for at least a week but I hadn't told them anything much. I wasn't ready. I don't know if ever will be.


9. safe

Oh no. I'm watching a movie that scares me and I have to sit by niall. I know you may say 'you have a choice' well, everyone made sure that the only open spot for me was by tell you the truth, I was kinda looking forward to it. 

"So are you gonna sit or what?" Niall said, patting the spot on the love seat that was next to him.

"Yea sorry" I almost whispered. I hated that they called it a love seat.


Halfway into the movie I was burying my face in his chest. Damn, he smells good. I heard a noise behind me, but knew it wasn't the movie. I looked up and everyone was gone, well everyone but niall. 

"NOT FUNNY GUYS!!" I tried to sound angry but I was scared. Harry insisted on having all of the lights turned off before the movie started. 

"Dont be afraid, mariah, we won't hurt you" said a voice.

"HARRY? LOUIS? ZAYN? LIAM?" I couldn't hide the fear in my voice. Prom night, was about a killer and stuff like that so I was scared.

"Nope" said the voice. I hugged niall really tight

"Guys this isn't funny" he said. "Look at her she's terrified!" He was starting to get mad. By then I was shaking uncontrollably. 

"Niall, what if it's not them....." I said my voice trailing off.

"It is. And there being FUCKING ASSHOLES!l" he said. He was really mad. It was to dark for me to see his face but I could tell he was red as a tomato, from anger. There was a noise behind me and then something grabbed my shoulders really fast and yell "BOO" 

"Ahhh!!!!!!" I screamed I was thrown over Louis shoulder and the lights turnned on. "YOU FUCKING ASSHOLES!" I screamed.

"Sorry. But we had to." Liam said.

"But did you see how scared she was!?!?!?!" Niall said. He. Was. Mad.

"It's ok niall." I said trying to calm him down.

"No it's not!! People have died of fright! Did you know that louis!?!?!?" He yelled. "Come on Mariah, you can sleep with me tonight." He said as he pulled me away from Louis.

"But I'm oka-" I got cut off

"No. Your sleeping in my room"  he said sternly.

"Fine then. I need to get some pajamas on." I couldn't say I didn't want to sleep in niall's room. 1) it would hurt him. And 2) I kind of needed to because the movie scared me. And so did Louis.

"Go ahead. But come right back." He said, like he was my dad.


Later when I was changed and we were settled in bed he said "are you okay with this?"

"Yea I mean it's not like we're gonna do anything" I replied quickly.

"Nope" he said popping the p. 

"Well I don't think I'll get to sleep anytime soon. Sooooo yea." I shivered.

"Aren't you cold?" He said scooting closer to me and putting the blue blanket on me, but still making sure he had some. He made me have this feeling like I was safe. Like nothing could hurt me. And boy was that a feeling I hadn't felt in years. Then a question came into my head. 'Do I like him?' I think so. I answered in my head. Yes. I do like him. I may love him.

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