Little White Lies

"Garrett pleas no" I pleaded. He just laughed and took his belt off "w-wh-what are you doing?" I said terrified. "Please!!!!" It was to late he took the belt and.............

I've been living with the boys for at least a week but I hadn't told them anything much. I wasn't ready. I don't know if ever will be.


2. Harry freaking Styles

Mariah's p.o.v.

I looked over the edge of a cliff and saw something I'll never forget. I saw harry freking styles. I was stunned but I managed to yell "What are you doing out here!?" Without screaming.

" my bandmates and I were playing hide and seek and I fell." He said. One Direction was here in the little village of pleasant prairie.

"Wow" was all I could say.

"Well can I get some help?" He said. 

"Yeah sorry" I said back. I took an axe that I found stuck in a tree and a rope that was on the ground and tied the rope to the axe. I stuck the axe in the edge of the cliff and let the rope fall over. After what seemed like an hour he was finally up, the cliff was 30 feet high so you cant blame him. And he said "Thank you so much." I practically had to bite my tongue off, to keep from screaming, when he hugged me.

"Don't mention it." I said.

"No, no I would've died down there if you hadn't come along." He told me. " it was nothing really, I just had to try not to laugh at your attempt to climb up the rope." I said back laughing. Wow I haven't laughed in months. "So what are you and your band mates doing in this little village?" I asked.

"Um.....well we have to lay low so we figured this little town-village was perfect." He replied.

"Oh ok" I said.

"Sorry to say this but it looks like you need a place to stay. Were renting a cabin and maybe you would like to join us. I mean I do owe you for helping me." He said. Wow I had just been offered to stay with my idols. The same ones who convinced me to start singing.

"Ok" was all I could mutter. 


*****AUTHORS NOTE*****

Wow 9 views already. I wrote this yesterday! Well someone liked it so here are your 5 chapters. Enjoy

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