Rose Weasley and Scorpius Malfoy

Rose and Scorpius ship.
They meet on the train to Hogwarts and become friends but will it become more?
Or will they be doomed as friends?


2. The Sorting

Roses POV

After we got off the boat we were lead to the Great Hall and then to the Feast and there was a stool with an old hat on top.Then Mcgonagall started calling names"Samly,Stan"Hufflepuff "Finnigan,Alex"Gryffindor "Weasley,Rose"My ears turned red as I walked up to the stool I sat down and it debated before deciding GRYFFINDOR.I walked over to the table my whole face red and tuned out until I heard"Malfoy,Scorpius"And it took some debating before deciding GRYFFINDOR.He walked over and sat by me.And then every head turned at the name"Potter,Albus"And as soon as the hat touched his head it screamed GRYFFINDOR.And there were a few more people after him and then Mcgonagall said"Let the feast begin"And we started eating unfortunately got my dads stomach but I have manners so I'm not that bad.

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