Rose Weasley and Scorpius Malfoy

Rose and Scorpius ship.
They meet on the train to Hogwarts and become friends but will it become more?
Or will they be doomed as friends?


1. The Meeting

Roses POV

I had just picked a compartment with Albus,when a blonde boy asked if he could sit with us.We said yes and introduced our selfs.When told us his name I remembered what dad said.He was nice we quickly became friends when the witch pushing the trolley came by the bought chocolate frogs,licorice wands,pumpkin juice and Berry Botts.We were each picking out beans and I got a grass flavored one."Ugh gross"And they both started laughing and I shoved a yellow-ish bean in Scorps mouth and he went"Ewwwww vomit"And he started spitting it out everywhere me and Albus bust out laughing now.And then we started putting on robes when the castle came into view.When we got off the train we heard"Firs' years 'his way"So we went to the boats and got one to ourselves.

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