Rose Weasley and Scorpius Malfoy

Rose and Scorpius ship.
They meet on the train to Hogwarts and become friends but will it become more?
Or will they be doomed as friends?


3. Our First Day

Scorpius POV

We had our first day of class today I had the same schedule as Rose.I think she's kind of pretty bit she probably doesn't like me like that.But we agreed that we would be partners in class.Our first class of the day is potions.Professor Slughorn is teaching we are making Draught Of The Living Dead.Our potion is the only potion made correctly and Rose looks soo hot in Potions.Then after Potions we go to charms with Flitwick And we are learning 'Wingerdea LeviOsa'And Roses feather rises first then mine then Albus.And Alex somehow makes her feather explode in her face Professor says "Just like your dad I see"Then we have a few more classes but no homework.Rose and I stay up playing a game of exploding snap And Rose wins at about 11:30 then we go to our dorms.My dreams are full of Rose.

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