The Diary

This is a story about a girl named Jess. At 17 and being poor, Jess gets bullied at school everyday. Right before her father walked out, she was given a diary to keep her life in. That was 4 years ago, now she lives in Doncaster, England with her abusive alcoholic mother.


2. Monday



         It's Monday, the worst day of the week. Not because its the first day of school in the beginning of the week, but because it was Macaroni Monday. What so bad about Macaroni Monday? Well, as you know, I'm poor. So, you would expect me to eat my food, but the most popular guy in school takes my food away from me. Louis Tomlinson, former One Direction member. They broke up because one of their members, Liam, died during a car crash 2 years ago. So, the they disband and went back to where they were born to finish high school. 

          I walked in the school to hear people say, "Didn't she wear that Friday?" or "She wears that dirty jacket all the time."

          People act like I can control my life, well I can, but that would be a dumb think to do. I would have no where to go. Everyone hates me except for Cloud, not even the geeks wanted to be my friend. I walk to my locker with Cloud as he gave his girlfriend a peck on the lips. As soon, as she left, Cloud began to help me with my things. He was the nicest guy you could ever meet. He's sweet, he's kind, he's the best guy in the world. Why would he want to be my friend? I don't know, but he just is. I decided to ask since it was bugging me so much. 

          "Cloud, why do you want to be my friend?" I asked stopping all my motion and just staring at him. He stopped all his motion too, and a smirk appeared on his face.

          "Why not?" he simply answered back then began to dig through my backpack to see what I need for my first period.

          Cloud knows my schedule front and back because he always has to walk through the halls to keep me from getting physically bullied like my mother does to me. I finished putting my things in my locker and took the rest of my books from Cloud, then we head to his locker so he could do the same for himself. When he's done we walk to my first period, Math. I always have to get there early because I can never wander the halls without getting bullied in some way. I enter the class to find Louis there with no one else. Not even the teacher. I said good bye to Cloud and set in my seat on the front row. Louis set on in the second to last row just staring at the empty white board. 

         "Hey, Wells," he said looking straight at me. He always uses my last name, I don't know whats wrong with my first, but I never asked him.

         I turned around to see him smiling at me. I just kept a shy look on my face as I said hi back. 

          "So, you gonna save some macaroni for me today?" he asked now looking at the board again.

         "Yeah, sure," I answered. I knew he was going to take it away, so what's the point of saying no?

         "Thought you would. So, why are you here early?" He asked looking back at my eyes again. His were beautiful. A light blue-green with a sparkle. 

         "Oh, you know. I had nothing better to do," I answered trying to sound casual. He knows that I get bullied. He watches all the time and does nothing. It's not like he's apart of it though. The only bullying he does is take my food, but I tell him he can, so I guess he isn't really bullying. He wasn't mean to me either, he wasn't mean to anybody. Only his friends were, he just watched when they were mean, he didn't stop them nor did he try to help them. He just watched. He wasn't a genius, but he wasn't dumb either. One time he lost his grade card and I had to give it back to him. He had straight B's and an A in music. I would guess so since he's a former singer. You could probably guess the only reason why he's popular is because he's rich, he's famous, and he could sing. Well, I guess you can say he's nice but on Monday's I didn't like him. I have to eat to survive, but I can't blame him for anything. He doesn't know my struggle, no one does. And I don't plan to tell anyone either. 

         "Oh, same with me," he answered back.


          It was the bell, everyone began to flood in the classroom. Most of the kids sat near Louis, the ones who couldn't care less about him sat near me. That doesn't mean they like me, they just didn't want to sit next to Louis. Then, Mr. Jester walked in the class, ready to teach.


          As soon as Math class was out, everyone zoomed out of the room except for a couple people who either had to talk to Mr. Jester or waited for Louis to get ready to leave. I was the last one there because I had to wait for Cloud. He was 5 minutes late, so I had to leave before Mr. Jester wanted to talk to me. We only had 8 minute intervals between classes so I had to gather my things and get to my locker quick. I moved as fast as I could but then SLAM! I was on the ground my books every where. I looked to see who I knocked into and it was none other than Cloud's girlfriend, Janet.

          She was on the ground with her hand on her head and her eyes closed. Janet's friends were looking at me angry and picking up her things. I got up and held my hand out when her eyes fluttered open. She smacked it away and pushed me to the locker. As I fell backward my my head slammed on the locker. Before my eyes closed shut, I could here Cloud coming to my rescue. 



          I woke up with the most excruciating head ache. I didn't know where I was then I noticed it was the nurses office. I had been there plenty of times before because of my ability to get beaten easily. I sat up to see Cloud looking disappointed, but when he saw me awake he flashed a smile.

"How was your nap sleepy head?" he asked from a chair in the corner.

"I have a head ache. I don't remember what happened," I said. Right after I said that sentence, a hurricane of memories came back to me.

"Never mind," I muttered as I smashed my head back onto the pillow. That's when Nurse Cassie came in. I know her like the back of my hand, she would be my best friend if it wasn't for Cloud. 

"Hey, Angel," she said to me as she walked in. She liked to call me Angel because I was apparently the most beautiful she has ever seen. 

"Hey, Cass," I say to her, my voice a little hoarse. 

"How you feeling?"


"Good, I'm going to let you go home since you hit your head pretty hard."

          I didn't want to go home. I hated going home, it was terrible. I would rather get hit everyday by a person I barely know than my mother who used to cherish me. I just nodded my head in agreement because I didn't want to let my secret out. 

         When we said our good byes to Nurse Cassie we were on our way to Cloud's car. I looked over at Cloud who seemed pretty upset, I wanted to ask him why, but I didn't want to make him more upset. That's the reason why he's so nice, he has massive anger problems. I never gotten him mad, but I've seen him mad before, and it scared me so much I ran away from him. He started to chase me and try to apologize afterwards. He did catch up to me when I got tired and said he was sorry. He said he was under a lot of pressure and he didn't mean to throw everything. He said it would never happen again, then he hugged me. I saw the sincerity in his eyes and I forgave him. He hasn't gotten mad ever since, or at least I haven't seen him mad. 

         I noticed that Cloud was carrying both or our bags. His on his back, and mine on his chest. It has always been a gentleman. I plopped into his passenger seat as he stepped into the driver's side. He tossed both of our backpacks into his back seat. He seemed as if he was upset, angrily upset. 

"Hey, Cloud, can we go to your house?" I asked him looking at the profile of his face.

"Yeah, sure, whatever," he replied to me like that. Something most definitely was up.

          We drove to his house in silence. Silence. The word haunted me. Cloud and I were never silent in his car. We were always laughing or listening to our favorite bands. Not this time. I wanted to write in my diary since this day was basically over, so, I crawled to the back of his car when he came to a red light. He didn't say anything, he just kept looking forward. I then began to rummage through my backpack. I couldn't find it. Green light. Cloud jerked forward causing everything in my backpack to spill out onto his floor. Ughh. I put everything back, but I still didn't see my diary. It wasn't there. The last/hardest four years of my life is missing.   

           It can't get into the wrong hands! So many personal things are in there, so many things about people at school are in there. It will be a complete disaster  if any information is to be given out of it...... my life is over. I have now died twice. 




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