The Diary

This is a story about a girl named Jess. At 17 and being poor, Jess gets bullied at school everyday. Right before her father walked out, she was given a diary to keep her life in. That was 4 years ago, now she lives in Doncaster, England with her abusive alcoholic mother.


5. Love



"Okay," I croaked as I stood up and walked out.

         I'm an orphan, I thought. I'm officially an orphan. I walked out the front side of the school building walking all the way around to Cloud's car. It was now about 5,the sun was weakly glowing at its horizon.  I decided to walk down to the football field since I didn't know when Cloud was going to come. I walked down its 57 steps to see a figure in the distance. The school always left the lights on until the janitor turned them off.

         I walked onto the bleachers, my hands placed in my jacket pockets. I sat on the 5th bleacher from the bottom watching the figure. I closely examined it, I saw it have a ball. Not a football, but a soccer ball. The ball was placed under the figures foot and it flipped its head back. I saw it slow motion. I saw the hair ride up then down, the sweat from the figure whipped with the hair. It was a guy, his hair was too short to be a girl. Then he began to dribble the ball in between his feet, moving swiftly. He was good at what he was doing. He acted as if he was dodging people by moving from one place to another or turning in a 360 degree circle around an obstacle. Once he reached one of the football goals, he struck his foot against the ball. I watched in awe as the ball flew straight through the robotic Y. I stood up and clapped loudly so he would hear me. His head flipped toward my way and he stared. I guess he recognized me and began to walk forward. Umm... who else is confused? I don't think he's know me. Anyone I knew would have told me to bug off or said something rude.

          I stood in my place trying to unmask the mysterious man. As he came closer, I realized who it was. Louis Tomlinson. Why was he coming towards me. My face flushed as he walked up the bleacher and sat beside me. I was paralyzed, then he pat the area next to him signaling for me to sit with him. Louis wanting to sit next to me? I truly must be dreaming. I looked at him analyzing his face.

"So, why are here?" he asked me looking me straight in the eye.

"I was upset and I needed some alone time. You were really good by the way," I said looking right back at him. He was really nice, but that's all I found him to be. I didn't think he was cute, nor ugly. He was average.

"Thanks. Hey, what happened to you cheek?" I pointed to my left cheek. Oh, I'm so dumb! I completely forgot that I took my make up off. I had to make something up quick.

"Oh, you know me. Clumsy as ever," I lied hoping he wouldn't suspect the cracking in my voice.

He made a little smirked and turned away from my face. Was me being clumsy funny to him?

He was still smiling as he said, "I like clumsy girls. It gives me a way to baby them." Hold the phone! Was he saying he liked me!?

"So, what are you doing this weekend?" he asked still looking away. His cheeks were turning  red. He was blushing.

"Same old, same old a usual. Nothing at all," I said casual.

"Would you like to go to the movies with me?" He turned to me again looking with a wondering face.

"Sure," I said smiling. I didn't want to show my excitement to him so I acted as if I've been asked before. I have, but only by Cloud.

"Great," he said grinning from ear to ear, "It's a date. What's your number?"

          Oh, crap. I don't have a phone. Maybe I could give him Cloud's number, and so I did.

"Jess!" I heard someone call. Then I saw Cloud appear, he was looking for me. Ready to go.

"Looks like its time for you to go," said Louis gesturing towards Cloud.

"Yeah, I better get going," I said. I walked past Louis and waved as I walked towards Cloud who still didn't know I was behind him.

"Hey," I said. Cloud spun around almost hitting me.

"Oh, you scared me. Let's get going, yeah?" he asked. I nodded. I waved at Louis one more time. Cloud then noticed I was waving at him.

He grabbed my arm, "Let's go," he said sternly. What's with him?










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