One Twisted Night

Kassidy or Kassie as her friends call her, is a 19 year old who lives in California. Yea, I know, typical. She just started her first semester at University of San Diego and couldn't be happier. She's with her best friends and most of all, no more parents.
As Fall rolls around that's when spooky things start happening. She thinks it's just the boys on campus playing tricks but what happens on Halloween night when she bumps into a certain guy from a certain boy band at one of the scariest haunted houses in San Diego?


1. Here's to the future

Hello! I'm Kailey and I hope you enjoy the first chapter of my fanfic, One Twisted Night. This is based around Halloween (since it's kinda almost Halloween time! But t starts out in mid September.

Hope you enjoy! : )

Kassie's POV:

"C'mon Kassie! It's time to go!!" My little brother, Justin yelled up to me. "Coming!" I yelled back. I grabbed my purse and phone and said goodbye to my room. I'm heading off to college today so this is the last time I'm going to see my room until Christmas. I got downstairs and headed to the car. I will be attending the University of San Diego for nursing. I've always wanted to be a nurse. I liked the idea of saving someones life. (Yea i know, Liam's saying lol)

I got in the car and my dad started driving. It was at least a 45 minute drive, but with traffic probably an hour. Stupid LA traffic. Almost an hour later, we arrived at the campus. It was beautiful. 

(The real campus!)


I went to check in and I got my dorm key. Dorm B room #4D.

"Ok. I got it. Well...bye." I said and walked off but my mom grabbed my arm. "Honey, give us a real goodbye. We won't be seeing you for 3 1/2 months!" I smiled. "Sorry mom. I'm just excited. Bye. Thank you for everything." I hugged my mom. She started to sniff. "Please don't cry." I said. She smiled. "Sorry. I just can't believe my babygirl is off to college." I looked over at my dad and hugged him. "Bye dad. Thanks for everything." "Sure pumpkin." He kissed my forehead. I turned to my brother. He's 14. "Well bye, squirt." I ruffled his hair. "Stoppp." I gave him a hug. "You're leaving for college, not dying. I'll see you later." He said. I laughed. "Well, bye." I waved to my family as I grabbed my suitcase and walked off. "I love you, sweetheart." My mom said. "I love you too." 

I turned back and started toward the dorms, off to start my future. 

Sorry it's short! I guess the first chapter is always kinda short lol hope you enjoyed at least! The boys will be in it soon (: 

So...comment, like, become a fan...whatever! Give me feedback please! I wanna know what you think! 

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