One Twisted Night

Kassidy or Kassie as her friends call her, is a 19 year old who lives in California. Yea, I know, typical. She just started her first semester at University of San Diego and couldn't be happier. She's with her best friends and most of all, no more parents.
As Fall rolls around that's when spooky things start happening. She thinks it's just the boys on campus playing tricks but what happens on Halloween night when she bumps into a certain guy from a certain boy band at one of the scariest haunted houses in San Diego?


4. Halloween

Halloween day:

"Boo!" I jumped as Kylie came out of the bathroom. "Stop..." I said laughing. "The scaring is suppose to start tonight not during the day." I added. "Nuh uh! It's Halloween! You scare people throughout the day!" I rolled my eyes. "So have you figured out your costume yet?" I asked. "Yea! Check it out!" She held up a pink dress. "Nice. What are you going to be?" "The pink fairy godmother from Sleeping Beauty." She smiled. "You'll make a great fairy godmother." I said. "What are you going to be?" She asked me. "Just something simple. I didn't want too sexy or too cute because I look younger then I am already so I didn't want to make myself look even younger. So I'm going as Tinker Bell." I held out my costume. 

"That's cute! And sexy at the same time. I think you'll look great." She smiled. "Thanks. I hope so." 

Nicole came in with her costume. She was dressing up as a Hobbit. Don't ask. 

"I'm so excited for tonight's party!" Nicole said happily. "I'm pretty sure I'm going to win the costume contest." She smiled confidently. I laughed. "I'm sure you will." 

Halloween night *Scary noises*:

"Yea let's go!" Sean yelled along with his friends as we all headed to the haunted house. I was a little nervous. Sean wasn't though. He just kept goofing off with his friends and ignoring me. Kylie came along just in case I got ditched. I didn't think I would but whatever. It was nice to have her there. 

"Are we almost there?" I asked. Kylie and I were smashed together in the back of the car with 3 other people so it was a bit claustrophobic. "We're here!" We all got out and I could hear screams already. Awesome. 

Once we got our tickets, we all got in line. Since Halloween was on a Friday night this year, the line was really long. After 20 minutes, the wind started to pick up and it got kind of chilly. I leaned into Sean and he looked behind himself. "What are you doing?" he asked. "I'm cold so I thought I'd lean up against you if that's ok." I said. "The line is moving now so get off." I took a step back, shocked at what he just said. Kylie gave me a sympathetic look. As we got closer to the entrance Sean didn't really talk to me or anything. He was more interested in his friends. I was getting a little mad at him.

When we reached the entrance, Sean went in the first group. Without me. "What the hell is wrong with him tonight?" I asked. "He never acts like this." "Well, he's with his friends. Guys can act differently when they're with friends." "But that gives him no excuse." 

Before it was our turn, the worker said we had to have a group of at least 4 and there was only 2 of us. So we waited for two other people. When 2 guys joined our group we entered the haunted house. "Awesome. Now I have to go through this alone, without my boyfriend." I said out loud. "Where's your boyfriend? shouldn't he be here with you?" One of the boys asked with his Irish accent. "Tell that to him." I told him. I couldn't really see the boys face since his hood was up but I recognized his accent. 

"Welcome friends." A person in a, what looked to be, a zombie costume. "Prepare to be scared to the point where you won't want to come back...hehe." He laughed evilly. I stood back and felt someones hands on my back. I looked behind me and it was that boy. He smiled at me and I smiled slightly back. "C'mon. I'll protect you." he whispered. And for some reason, that comforted me. 

As we entered the first room, it was a playground, there were swings and a slide and little girls playing. They saw us and smiled, "come play with us...come play with us...forever, and ever, and ever.." They had blood all over their dresses and face and even though it was makeup, it looked so real. 

The next room had a fireplace with chairs in front of it. Must be a living room. And in the corner was a little girl huddled with her knees to her chest, rocking back and forth, eyes wide. "Please, please help me." She whispered. "He-he's going to get me...please help!" I looked over to where she was looking and saw Michael Meyers standing in the corner. I jumped. 

We got to one room and it was suppose to be like an insane asylum. There were old hospital beds, and medical equipment and all that. There was a boy on one bed chained to it and he was rocking back and forth. "I'm not crazy. I told them I'm not crazy but they didn't believe me. Do you hear the voices?? They told me to kill myself but I didn't and now they won't leave me alone. Help me please!!" He jumped up and the chains raddled against the bed. I jumped back and leaned into the boy accidentally. He smiled at me.

I'm not going to describe every room so let's skip to the last one lol

Once we finished crawling out of a tunnel (yes we had to crawl), I heard a chainsaw. Then all of a sudden, a guy with a mask on his face came running out of the corn field and started chasing us with the chainsaw. I screamed and ran away as fast as I could. When we made it out of the haunted house, we catched our breath. 

"That..was intense." Kylie said.

"I agree. And I'm not going back." I said.

The boy took off his hood to reveal himself and I was shocked. It was Niall from One Direction. "Niall?" I asked. 

"I didn't want you to know until the end." he laughed. "Makes sense now." 

"So, I'm Niall." He stuck out his hand. "I"m Kassidy. or Kassie. Whichever." "Nice to meet you." "This is my friend Kylie." We all got introduced. "What are you doing here anyway? Aren't you suppose to be on tour?" I asked. "we got tonight off. I wanted to check out this haunted house while the other boys went to a party." I nodded. "Well, the night is still young, wanna check out a cemetery?" "A cemetery?" I asked. He nodded. His friend, Derek (not real), had us follow him to his car.

"I don't know about this.." I said nervously. "C'mon! You survived one of the scariest haunted houses in the city, you can do this." Niall said. "fine." We got out of the car and got into the cemetery. We found a few graves and sat around them. "Now what?" Kylie asked. "We wait I guess. If any spirits are around, they'll come." Derek said. We waited for 10 minutes and nothing. I was starting to enjoy Niall's company. 

Almost 45 minutes later, still nothing. "Come on guys. Nothing is happening. let's go." Kylie said. As we get up to go we hear rustling in the trees. We stop and look around. "It's just the wind." "But there's no wind." I said. 

We hear more rustling then moaning sounds. "Let's get out of here." I said walking away. "No. Let's stay." Niall said quietly. More moaning started and this time it was closer and it got closer, and closer until I felt something breathing down my neck. My eyes widened and I screamed. I ran away toward Niall when something pushed me and I fell on top of him. "Ow." He said. "Sorry. Something pushed me. 

"Was it him?" I looked behind me and saw Sean and his friends laughing. "Seriously??" I asked. They continued to laugh. "Sean. We need to talk." I grabbed his arm and pulled him aside. "What? I was having a good time until you ruined it." "Excuse me? You have been ignoring  me all night. All you care about are your friends." "I haven't seen them in weeks!" He defended himself. I rolled my eyes. "What happened to "oh i'll protect you from everything scary in the haunted house'?" I mimicked his voice. "You left me and Kylie and we went into the haunted house with 2 random guys! Well, not random anymore since we met. But you get the idea." I said angrily. "I'm sorry I wanted to spend time with my friends? Look, if you're going to make a big deal out of this then..maybe we should break up." "Maybe we should. It seems like all you care about is your friends and not your girlfriend." He looked at me. "We're done Sean. When you realize that paying attention to your girlfriend is important too, let me know." I said and walked away. Kylie high fived me. Niall smiled at me as we walked away. 

"Way to go, Kassie. He seemed like a jerk anyway." 

I looked at Sean in the distance, already goofing off with his friends like he didn't even care. 

"Yea...he is." 

Thanks for reading! Please comment! I have no comments so I don't know what you think of my story so far! Thanks xoxo

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