One Twisted Night

Kassidy or Kassie as her friends call her, is a 19 year old who lives in California. Yea, I know, typical. She just started her first semester at University of San Diego and couldn't be happier. She's with her best friends and most of all, no more parents.
As Fall rolls around that's when spooky things start happening. She thinks it's just the boys on campus playing tricks but what happens on Halloween night when she bumps into a certain guy from a certain boy band at one of the scariest haunted houses in San Diego?


2. First month

One Month later:

"I think he likes you." My friend and one of my roommates, Nicole told me as we were walking to our next class. "I don't know...he's so hot and I'm" I said. Nicole slightly laughed. "What? You're gorgeous. Any guy would be lucky to date you." I smiled. "Thanks. But I still don't think he likes me." "Ugh you're so stubborn!" She said. "Sorry! But I've only dated one guy and that didn't last long. I have trouble with relationships. I just can't picture any guy falling head over heels for me, that's all." 

"Well, you better start believing because here comes Sean now." She eyed over at the grass and I saw Sean walking over. Oh God. "Oh my gosh. What do I do? What do I say??" I asked frantically. "Just be yourself. Good luck!" Then she ran away. Ugh, thanks Nicole. "Hey, you're in my English right?" Sean asked as he approached me. "Um, yea, I am." I told him. "Cool. I'm Sean by the way. If you didn't know." He chuckled. "I'm Kassidy. Or Kassie as everyone else calls me." We shake hands. "So where's is your next class?" He asked. "All the way down in building E." I groaned. "Same here! Want to walk together?" I smiled and nodded. "Sure." We started walking toward our building and as we passed Nicole she smiled wide and gave me a thumbs up. I smiled and rolled my eyes and kept walking. 

That night:

"He asked you out?!?!?!!" Nicole squealed. I laughed. "He did. We're going to see a movie at the campus theatre tonight." I smiled. "Ohhh, get it girl!" My other roommate, Kylie said. I laughed. "Nothing like that is going to happen ok. I just want to see where things go. Besides, I don't even know what movie we're seeing." "So? Any movie is ok for making out." Nicole winked. I playfully hit her. "What?? You know you want to kiss him!" "Ok, yes I do. But I want to take things slow. Respect that." Kylie and Nicole looked at each other. "We know. We're just giving you a hard time. Now go, have fun! But not too much fun." Kylie winked. "Bye!" I said as I shut our door. 


"I was thinking....The Last Song." Sean said. Since it was on a college campus, all the movies playing have been out for a long time. "You want to see The Last Song? It's such a chick flick it's not even funny." I said giggling. "Sure. Why not? I heard it's good. And romantic.." He looked at me. I smiled. "Ok fine. Let's go. It is a good movie though." Sean bought our tickets and we got our seats. It was only us and some other couple. "I'll go get the popcorn." I nodded as he walked off. 

I quickly got my phone out and texted Nicole:

Me: Omg I'm freaking out! 
Nicole: Don't!! BE YOURSELF. 
Me: I'm nervous I'm going to mess up or say something stupid! 
Nicole: BE YOURSELF. He likes you already so don't worry! 

I put my phone away as Sean came back with the snacks. "Thanks." I said as he handed me Sour Patch Kids. "How'd you know they were my favorite candy?" I gestured toward the candy. "I remember you telling the class it was your favorite candy on the first day." He smiled. Aw...he remembered? The movie started and we watched. 

You've probably seen The Last Song so I'm not going to describe the whole movie lol

Half way through the movie I was leaning on his shoulder and his head was resting on my head. It was almost perfect. I lifted my head a bit since my neck was starting to hurt. He smiled at me and I smiled back. Then he leaned in and pressed his lips against mine. It was only a peck but it was so nice. 

Once the movie was over he walked me back to my dorm. "So..what'd you think of the movie?" I asked. "It wasn't bad actually. Miley did an ok job." He laughed. "Yea it's better then some of her other movies." Once at my dorm I turned to him. "Well thank you so much for tonight. I enjoyed it." I smiled. "I'm glad. So did I. But before I leave I wanna do this." He said and leaned forward and kissed me. This time we kissed longer and it felt so nice. I haven't kissed a guy in almost a year. 

He pulled away and smiled. "Goodnight Kassie. See you tomorrow." He smiled and kissed my cheek before leaving. 

I turned and opened the door and Nicole and Kylie looked at me with a smile. 

"So....?" They asked. 

"I think this is going to work out." 

Hi! So this IS a One Direction fanfic, I just need a few chapters before the boys come in! Be patient please! And please comment, like, favorite, and all that jazz! Thanks! : ) xoxo

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