One Twisted Night

Kassidy or Kassie as her friends call her, is a 19 year old who lives in California. Yea, I know, typical. She just started her first semester at University of San Diego and couldn't be happier. She's with her best friends and most of all, no more parents.
As Fall rolls around that's when spooky things start happening. She thinks it's just the boys on campus playing tricks but what happens on Halloween night when she bumps into a certain guy from a certain boy band at one of the scariest haunted houses in San Diego?


3. All Hallows Eve

October 30th:

The campus was covered in fall/Halloween decorations and everyone was talking about their plans for tomorrow night. I loved Hallooween to be honest. It may be a bad holiday in retrospect but it's fun to dress up and go to haunted houses and all that. I do get scared really easily but I love it. How can I not? 

When you were little, you would come home from school and wait impatiently for the sun to go down so you could start trick or treating. Now in college, people start tricks a week before. I've gotten scared by so many people from my classes because they know I get scared easily. Ugh. There is a haunted house not far from the campus that a lot of people are going to because, I guess it's one of the scariest haunted houses in San Diego. My boyfriend, Sean (Yes we're dating now) is trying to convince me to go but I don't like haunted houses.

"Please babe? It'll be fun! And I'll protect you from all the scary stuff." He smiled. "Then I guess you'll have to protect me from everything." I joked. "PLEASE? Everyone is going!" "Find some friends to go with you then." I said as I put my books away in my bag. "No...they're all going to this party." I thought for a minute. "Ugh FINE. I'll go. But don't say I didn't warn you when I say I get scared REALLY easily." He kissed me. "Thank you! Ok I'll pick you up at your dorm tomorrow at 7. Be in your costume." He smiled. I nodded. "Ok. See you tomorrow." 


Back at my dorm, I finished my homework and started to get ready for bed. Nicole was listening to ,music and Kylie was reading her English book. It was almost 11pm when I heard a rustling outside our window. At first I ignored it and thought it was the wind but when it happened again I got a little scared. "Guys did you hear that?" I asked the girls. "No. What was it?" Nicole asked. "I thought I heard a knock on our window." "Probably just the wind." "But there's no wind tonight.." I said.


We all screamed. "I told you I heard something!" I said. Then our lights went off. We screamed again and all got onto my bed and huddled together. "What's going on?!" Kylie asked. "I don't know!"

"AHHHHHH!!" We heard a loud scream and our door swung open and we screamed and nearly fell off my bed. Then I heard laughing, our lights came back on and the knocking stopped. I saw Sean, and his friends Tyler and Jacob. 

"You should've seen your faces!" Tyler laughed. "It was priceless!" Sean added. I hit Sean on the shoulder. "Not funny! You scared us half to death!" "I'm sorry baby but I HAD to scare you at least ONCE!" I rolled my eyes. "Aw I really am sorry Kassie. I won't scare you again, I promise." Sean said wrapping his arms around me. I sighed. "Fine. I also can't stay mad at you." We kissed and they left for the night. 

Then tomorrow is Halloween. 

short chapter I'm sorry! I will update tomorrow or Tuesday! Get ready for a good chapter!   

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