In the year 2021, all females that were not married nor had sexual intercourse were sentenced to live inside of their own glass dome on wheels. When the dome is broken, it means that the female is getting married and preparing to start a family. Ana-Marie Moore has lived inside of her glass dome for 17 years, that is until a total stranger accidently breaks it. How will she cope with this horrible accident? The true question is, will she cope with it?


2. Chapter Two

"Yes, married," he repeats in a deep but youthful tone.


We both turn out heads when the sound of police cars and helicopters come to the scene. How great. Out of one helicopter comes out President Gacken with her same, unneeded bullhorn. She looks furious, and to be honest, I don't blame her. She comes our way with a twisted face full of anger, fists clenched tightly, and her bullhorn looks as if it's begging for mercy.


"What the fuck has happened here?!" she shouts in her bullhorn, almost deafening the man in front of me. "Explain!"


"This girl-," he begins but gets cut into by me.


"Ana-Marie is the name," I state and correct him. He glares at me with his soft brown eyes, and continues with a smirk. Ugh, quit it.


"Ana-Marie is the woman I've fallen in love with. I wish to marry her and start a family." What?!! What the hell is he talking about?! We just met and he's saying this so sudden! He didn't even know my name until I told him!


President Gacken puts her bullhorn down and slightly shakes her head while pinching the bridge of her nose. She sighs and looks around, most likely looking at all the shattered glass. She sighs once more before speaking to us.


"You don't think you could've waited until it was light out?" she asks him, he shakes his head and folds his arms. "And why not?"


"I told you, ma'am. I love this woman and couldn't bear to go through another day, knowing that other men out here might try to break her glass. I wish for her to have my children and spend the rest of her life with me."


I look at him, shocked. Did he really mean that? Does he not know that I'm only 17! I see the corner of his mouth perk up, what is he doing? I know that he's smirking but for what reason?


"... Fine then, take her home," she says with a fake smile. "I don't feel like taking money out of my vacation for this stupid glass dome. I suppose I'll let you slide this time, Christian." She walks off and boards her helicopter, having the police follow right behind her. We were left standing in a large circle of glass, alone in the darkness.


Christian turns fully and looks at me, having those hazel eyes burn into the back of my head. He takes my hand and drags me along with him to who knows where. I pull away from him and set myself free.


"Where do you think you're taking me?"


"Obviously to your new home. You're going to be my wife soon, so you might as well get adapted our house quickly." He takes a step towards me and kisses me softly on the lips. Once again, I pull away and can feel the blush appear on my cheeks.


"You... You don't love me. So why are you taking me?" I ask, staying confused from earlier. I looked the other way, avoiding eye contact with Christian. I don't even know him but yet he steals me away, says he loves me, and...kisses me. I'm so confused right now, the most I can do as of now is to keep asking questions.


"Ana, you're right. I don't love you. I barely even know you," he admits, but somehow I feel...disappointed? No..., it's something else, but I can't tell what it is. "Truth is, I've had some trouble with the law lately, which is the reason why Sheri called me by my first name. She's pretty familiar with me."


He slightly chuckles and smiles while looking down. "If I haven't told her that I was 'in love' with you, she would've thrown me in jail...again. So thanks for helping me out, I pay back the favor by giving you a home with food and warmth. Maybe if you clean up and cook, you'll get money to buy you some girly crap like bras and tampons and shit like that."


I slowly nod my head and take his hand again. "So there's no love involved, right?"


"None. Only when we step outside, we need to act like there's love."


I give him a quick nod and begin walking straight forward. "Okay then. Besides, this tank top and pair of small shorts isn't cutting it." I hear him chuckle and get a tighter grip on my hand.


"Just keep going straight and make a left on Vernier Court. Home sweet home."




We walk into his house and are instantly greeted by the smell of cologne and Old Spice body wash. Holy shit, he looks AND smells good!, my subconscious shouts in the background. Well, she's not lying, this is actually rare in some cases with men. I feel his arm wrap around my side as he continues walking inside of the house.


"Come on, I'll show you your room." He faintly smiles and signals me to come near him like a pet. I step forward and follow after him to see my new room.


We come to a room that has a bed and TV, a dresser, closet, and mini-fridge. On the walls are posters of football teams and rock bands I never heard of. What is Nirvana?, my subconscious asks. I shrug my shoulders and sit on the edge of the bed, continuing to look around the room. I've never had a bed before so I have no idea what it feels like to sleep on one. I climb on top of it and stand up, starting to jump on the bed. It's so...bouncy and soft, I can't stop jumping!!


"Having fun?" I hear Christian ask. I turn around and see him at the door, leaning against the wall and staring at me with that same smirk.


I stop bouncing and hop down until my bottom has met the bed again. I get off the bed and smooth out the sheets. "More than likely one would say," I reply, smiling innocently. "Can I, uh...take a shower?"


"This is your house, too, remember?" he reminds me and I mentally slap myself.


"Oh yeah...sorry," I say and run off to the bathroom.




In the shower, I stand in the hot water, thinking about my future life. I heard that the women who are taken from their domes are given inspections...down there. I gulp, Christian and I aren't in love and we aren't going to have sex, so they'll easily tell that we're faking this relationship. I grab the shampoo bottle and pour out a glob, then lather it and place it into my hair.


This is so complicated. Then the government expects me to give birth! Like hell I'm going to get pregnant with Christian's baby! Besides, how old is he? Twenty-something? I'm only 17! Isn't this against the law? Then it hit me—no one cares. I've been told by my parents that there was a time when America was better than it is now. I scoff while I rinse the shampoo out of my hair, when was that?


I step out of the shower and dry myself, heading straight to my room. I stop walking in the hallway when I see Christian sitting on the couch with his leg crossed over the other. He was faintly smiling, as usual, and looking at his bigger TV. I could hear a whistle and a man shouting on the TV.


"Foul ball"! the man shouts again. I walk into the living room and sit next to Christian, trying to find out what was so interesting about TV.


I feel Christian's warm glance on the side of my face. I looked at him and he has an eyebrow raised. "Something wrong?" he asks, I shake my head.


"No, just wanted to know what's so interesting about TV."


"How long have you been inside of that dome?"


"Seventeen years," I reply and his eyes grew wide as I answered. "What?"


He laughs at me and smiles greatly my way. I blush and look down at my thighs, Oh God, what is this man doing to us? His arm makes it's way around my waist again and he brings me closer to him. I squirm until I feel comfortable next to him and rest my head on his shoulder.


"Don't worry, you'll get to live your life here," he says and drums his fingers in my towel.


"Do you mind if I ask you some questions?"


"Go ahead, shoot."


"Where do you work at?" I'm curious about Christian, he's...different. Or at least I think he is.


"I'm a bouncer."


"A bouncer? You bounce on beds for a living? Lucky." Again, I hear him laugh at me. He hugs me tighter uses his other hand to thump me on the forehead. "Ow!"


"That's not what a bouncer is, Ana. A bouncer is that stereotypically tall, fat, and bald guy in a black t-shirt with a pair of sunglasses, always standing by the door in a club," he corrects me. Some occupations have the oddest names...


"Oh..." I say nonchalantly. "But you're none of those things except tall. Plus you're wearing a suit, not a t-shirt." He brings his hand out again and thumps me. "Ow! Would you quit that?"


"I said 'stereotypically'. But the reason why I look like this is because I work at a more mature club, not a bar or dance. Any more questions?"


"Um..." what else do I want to know about him? Age...?, my subconscious suggests and I go along with it. "How old are you?"


"Nineteen," he replies, nineteen?! No way!


"Really?" I ask surprised. I remove my head from his shoulder and stare at him. Which part of him looks 19?


"Yeah, how old did you think I was?" His smirk reappears as he looks into my eyes. Hazel versus turquoise, both in a deadly staring contest.


"To be honest, twenty-five or something."


"Wow," he says, shaking his head lightly.


"Another question! Are you-"


"Eh, that's enough questions for tonight. The football game is coming on in 30 seconds." His head quickly shifts towards the TV and his hazel eyes turn golden. Turns out that his true love is sports. Dammit, why couldn't it have been us?, my stupid subconscious goes. I mentally kick her in the shin to keep her quiet.


But seriously, why not us?!

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