In the year 2021, all females that were not married nor had sexual intercourse were sentenced to live inside of their own glass dome on wheels. When the dome is broken, it means that the female is getting married and preparing to start a family. Ana-Marie Moore has lived inside of her glass dome for 17 years, that is until a total stranger accidently breaks it. How will she cope with this horrible accident? The true question is, will she cope with it?


3. Chapter Three

It's morning when I wake up and the first thing I see is Christian, sitting at the edge of the bed. I raise an eyebrow at him, what was he doing here? He looks up from his cellphone and looks directly at me, giving me his usual look. I sit up in bed and ruffle my hair as I try to stifle a yawn.


"I'm glad you're up," he says.


"Why is that?" I ask, still trying to stifle my yawn. I'm so tired from last night, so much happened. First, my glass dome was shattered; second, it was broken by a guy I don't even know; and finally, I'm brought here to his house and now enjoy TV shows. Just thinking about it, I might go watch Adventure Time reruns.


"Because the police along with a detective are coming here for a checkup on our 'relationship'."


"Oh..." I say unknowingly. "But that doesn't explain why you're in here."


"When they come here, they expect to see a lovely couple in bed," he reminds me. He takes off his t-shirt, showing his impressive features. "So let's look like we know, woke up from sleeping with each other."


He runs his fingers through his no-longer-spiky hair and hops into bed with me. I can tell that I'm blushing like a complete idiot right now. I've never been this close to a guy before, especially a good looking one! Christian wraps his arm around me and pulls me close, just like how he did last night. I'm really feeling hot right now, is the heat on?!


We suddenly hear a knock at the front door. "Eh...come in!!" Christian shouts and we hear the door open and shut close.


Footsteps followed the shutting sound of the front door and were coming closer to my room. I turn my head towards Christian, he's just laying next to me like a model; so still and professional-like.


"So, what's the plan when they come in here?" I ask nervously.


"Uh, do you mind helping me get something out of my eye. It's really bugging me." He completely ignores my question and rubs his left eye vigorously.


I sigh loudly and scoot closer to him. I remove his hand and look into his hazel eye, trying to find whatever was irritating him.


"I don't see anyth-!!" he shuts me up by kissing me. He slowly inserts his tongue in my mouth and has it intertwine with mine. My face slowly heats up again, just how many kisses am I going to have with Christian?!


We slowly fall backwards into the bed. His hands shift downwards to my hips and rubs them softly. I bring out an arm and reach up to his neck, trying to bring him down closer. Christian lets go a slight moan and it makes me gasp before being tackled by his lips again. His hands release my hips and travel up to my shirt, pulling it over my upper torso. I feel the chill of the air conditioning in my room scatter over my bare breasts as I look deeply into Christian's eyes.


"Um, are we interrupting something?" a voice says. We break eye contact and shift our heads towards the bedroom door. Standing there are two police officers, staring at us wide-eyed. Christian looks down at me, smirking with an eyebrow raised.


"Actually, you two officers were. My apologies though; I knew you two were coming but I couldn't keep my hands off my soon-to-be wife and future mother of my children. You ever get that adrenaline run when you see someone you love, even if you see them all day? If so, you understand; or at least I think you would."


I roll my shirt down and pat my hair. Dammit! Why'd it have to be part of his plan?!, my typical subconscious says. I reach into the back of my head and slap her before coming back to reality. The officers take their eyes off of Christian and look at me, watching suspiciously.


"Are you still a virgin?" one of them ask. I nod my head in response, I'm so speechless right now. What just happened threw me off so badly.


"Well, sorry to the both of you. We were know, checking on your relationship."


"Yeah," the other officer butts in, "the last time someone created a fake relationship, they were given the electric chair." He chuckles and slightly shakes his head. America has really gone down the drain, huh?


I nervously put my light auburn hair into a ponytail and wait for the men to leave. Eventually, they left and it was just Christian and I again. We sit in deadly silence, even though the sound of the front door closing echoes through the house. Christian sits on the edge of the bed again with his head in the palm of his hand. I already know what he's thinking about: us getting caught.


"So," I say, breaking the silence, "we already know the consequences if we get caught."


"Yeah," he breathes. "And eventually an OB/GYN is going to come by to check your...area to see if you're popped or not. Then we're really going to be fucked."


"To be honest, Christian, I don't mind dying." He turns and looks at me crazily.


"Are you serious? You're going to just throw away your life like that?"


"If it's with you, it's okay," I mumble and he somehow hears me. I see that gracious smirk appear on his face and his cheeks perk upwards.


"Sounds more like a confession, Ana," he teases and I giggle. I grab my golden glasses from the nightstand and put them on my heart-shaped face. "Sorry, nerd is the right term in your case." He snickers handsomely and puts his shirt back on.


"You've shown me things I haven't seen before. A bedroom, a shower, different clothes, Nirvana, TV, and Adventure Time. I'm thankful for you showing them to me and I want to stay by your side." This time, he smiles instead of smirking, showing all his perfectly white teeth. "Even if that means I have to die by your side."


Christian licks his lips and continues smiling. I blush and grasp his hand. "We can do this, Christian. Let's go to the fullest extent of this 'relationship'."


"Aw, I'm flushed," he says mockingly. I pinched his cheek as revenge for him thumping my forehead last night. "Ouch!"


"Revenge is sweet, isn't it?" I tease and smile brightly at him.


"Not as sweet as the kiss we just shared," he says with a sly wink before walking out of my bedroom. I continue to stay red and flustered, hot and bothered from our sudden contact.


Jeez, he's a real womanizer, my subconscious shrieks in my mind and instead of kicking, slapping, giving her the finger, or doing all three at once, I smile and nod in agreement.


He's my womanizer.

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