In the year 2021, all females that were not married nor had sexual intercourse were sentenced to live inside of their own glass dome on wheels. When the dome is broken, it means that the female is getting married and preparing to start a family. Ana-Marie Moore has lived inside of her glass dome for 17 years, that is until a total stranger accidently breaks it. How will she cope with this horrible accident? The true question is, will she cope with it?


1. Chapter One

It's the same thing everyday—sit inside of this dumb glass dome and wait for the years to go by until I turn 21. I've been stuck inside of this thing ever since Obama's term was over. Now we have a new president, President Sheri Gacken. I swear I hate that bitch. Her "initial purpose" is to disintegrate rape and have a cleaner country, bullshit. Thanks to her, all women in America are stuck in glass domes until they get married or...have sex. Jeez, I wish Obama's term was more than four years!


My parents were lucky—they met before all of this shit happened and even had me. I wonder what it feels like to be outside of this dome.... I've never been and all I do is just sit inside of it and just imagine. It's like I'm in a science fiction movie except I'm the alien, not the savior.


I sit down in my dome and scowl in frustration, watching as men walk by and set their eyes on me. Ew, my subconscious whispers in the back of my head as we catch an old man glaring at us. I giggle and scoff in annoyance, perv. It's nothing new though, this has been my lifestyle for 17 years. Every once in a while, I catch a guy looking at me—but as usual, none look as if they're worthy of being my husband or father of my future children. Hell, half of them look as if they could be my father!




It's now nighttime and everyone has gone home and fallen asleep. I can still hear President Gacken on the bullhorn, standing meters ahead of me and the rest of the girls in glass domes. Will she ever give it a rest?


"Goodnight, America. Remember the new law—don't come near the glass domes when there is no law enforcement by your side!" I can tell that she has that same fake, corny smile plastered on her ugly face. Stupid bitch, not everyone in America has the same nighttime!


"Also, try to hurry and marry these beautiful women. They're taking up space for the new prison I'm getting built." She turns on her heel and comes my way. "And you're taking up the most, you fucking brat."


I spit at her but it unsuccessfully hits the glass instead of her disgusting pig face. She smirks at me while walking away. I swear, as soon as we get out of this damn dome, we're hiring an assassin to kill her!, my subconscious shouts in my head, practically banging against my skull. I slowly nod my head while gritting my teeth. We should rest..., she mumbles and once again, I nod my head in agreement.




I felt something crawling on my hand, causing me to wake up. I flicker my turquoise eyes and realize that it's a spider. A spider! I jump up from the ground and shake, rattle, and roll until the little shit dies. Gratefully, the spider hit the side of the glass dome and died. I walk over to it and dust off my hand. I smile with pride and look up from the ground, gazing at the glass. I notice that there's a bigger figure in front of me. Stop eating so much cake, fatty, my subconscious says. I mentally give the middle finger to her and pay more attention to the figure in front of me.


Is it my reflection? I raise my left hand by my face and the shadow doesn't do the same. Someone's there and they're watching me! I squeal and run to a corner in my dome, why are they there?! My head turns to the side when I hear the sound of someone else running.


"Get your ass back here!" a man yells at the shadow. It freaks out and looks left and right before getting punched. The mysterious man picks up the shadow by his collar and throws him to the ground. Wow, this is just like an action movie! My subconscious is jumping up and down like a little girl who just learned how to French braid.


"Fuck off!!" the shadow yelled back, kicking the other person in their shin. I wince at it, I can just imagine how bad that felt. The mysterious man almost fell to the ground before getting his balance again. He then swung at the shadow but missed, so close to hitting my glass dome. I look and see that the shadow ran away.


I gaze at the mysterious man standing before my dome. He stands there, silently. The silence is broken due to a...cracking sound? I shift my head towards the right of my dome and see that it's cracked. My dome's broken! How the hell did that happen?!


"Sorry," he says nonchalantly. Through the darkness of nighttime, I can somehow see him faintly smile with perfectly white teeth. More cracks were appearing and soon, my dome shattered. Change of plans, let's get him assassinated! My subconscious stands next to me and stomps her feet as if she's Godzilla, terrorizing Tokyo.


"S-Sorry?! You broke my dome! Now what's going to happen?!" I scold him like a mother would do to her two-year-old child. "Take some sort of responsib-," my speech is interrupted when he steps forward.


He's a ravenette with hazel eyes, dressed like he was going to a club. His hair is spiky but looked somewhat soft at a shoulder's-length. As he continues to walk closer to me, I can feel the heat come to my face.


"I am taking responsibility. You and I are getting married."



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