In the year 2021, all females that were not married nor had sexual intercourse were sentenced to live inside of their own glass dome on wheels. When the dome is broken, it means that the female is getting married and preparing to start a family. Ana-Marie Moore has lived inside of her glass dome for 17 years, that is until a total stranger accidently breaks it. How will she cope with this horrible accident? The true question is, will she cope with it?


4. Chapter Four

Okay, it's official. I have feelings for Christian. I didn't originally plan for this to happen, well, I'm pretty sure no one does. I've gotten so adapted to him quickly and it's crazy! But...does he feel the same? A part of me tells me that he doesn't while another part has hope that he does. More than likely, that's my subconscious communicating with positive outlooks.


I walk into the kitchen and find that a sandwich is made for me. Sitting at the table is Christian with his, leaning back in the chair with his arm crossed behind his head. Was he waiting for me to get out of bed? Jeez, now that really sounds like we slept with each other. I walk over to the empty seat and sit on the cold, uncomfortable steel.


"You eat sandwiches for breakfast?" I ask him, still trying to shift around inside the steel chair.


"I don't have time to make big breakfasts in the morning. I just eat quickly and head out the door."


I roll my eyes at his response and remove myself from the uncomfortable piece of furniture. I look inside of the fridge and find so much food. I grab the eggs and head towards the cabinets to get pancake mix and bowls. I can feel the heated gaze coming from Christian's hazel eyes behind my back, probably wondering what the hell I'm doing.


"Breakfast," I say, breaking the awkward silence in the kitchen. "Teach me how to cook. Please." I turn and see Christian approaching me. He stands tall over me and looks deeply into my turquoise eyes with those sexy hazel ones.


"Fine," he breathes as he breaks the eye contact we had. I spin on my heel and look at the eggs in front of me. What the hell do I do with these?


"Crack them," he says. Is Christian reading my mind or what? Okay, let's crack some eggs!


I grab one egg from the carton and bang it against the countertop. The whole thing smashes and the yolk sits there, staring at me like I'm an idiot. I tilt my head back and look at Christian, he's shaking his head and looks like he's agreeing with the yolk.


"Ana, you crack it, not destroy it," he states with a smile and slight chuckle. At least I made him laugh again! But this wasn't what I was really going for... "Go again, this time lightly and on the edge of the bowl."


I grab another egg and do as told. I smile brightly when I see that the egg wasn't destroyed like the first. Yes! I giggle and crack more and more eggs until Christian grips my right shoulder.


"Uh, I think that's enough eggs, Ana," he warns me and I put the last egg back inside of the carton and place it inside of the fridge.


"Now what?" I ask.


He sighs and takes my hands. I blush and quickly face the other way, he can't see me like this! Why not?, my subconscious asks out of nowhere. You like him and you'll never know if he likes you back if you don't confess! Shut up! I won't tell him my feelings because...I just won't. Nice reasoning, Ana-Marie. Didn't I say shut up?! Besides, I have my reasons!


"Don't space out when you're in the kitchen, that's how accidents happen," Christian interrupts us. My subconscious peeks out from behind me and glares at him with puppy-like eyes.


"Wouldn't you know everything about accidents?" I ask sarcastically. He gives me his signature smirk and grasps my hands tighter.


"Ha-ha-ha, very funny. Not."




After we finish our breakfast, we look at Adventure Time reruns. The episode we watch is when Finn gets jealous that Jake is spending more time with Lady Rainicorn than him. It's so cute to see how in love Lady Rainicorn and Jake are together. They're absolutely adorable together.


"People get jealous over anything," Christian says and I glare at him for a moment.


"Well," I butt in, "I would be pretty jealous of you broke another woman's glass dome."


"Aw, how cute, another confession," he teases and I flush.


"N-No! Not like that! I mean...never mind!" I fold my arms and get up from the couch. "I'm gonna go hit the shower."


"And I'm gonna go hit the club," he says before turning off the TV.


I stop in my tracks and turn on my heel to face him. He pulls on a white blazer and grips the doorknob.


"Wait!" I shout and run towards him. C'mon, c'mon, c'mon, confess bitch! Confess!! Christian and I stare blankly at each other before I say anything to him. "H-Have a good day at work, I guess."


He takes a look outside through the door's peek hole and smirks once more. "C'mon and take a step outside." He drags me to the front porch and out there are neighbors smiling and looking at us.


"Now say that again," he demands as he wraps his arms around my waist, just like he did when the cops came earlier today. "And louder."


I do as told. "Have a good day at work!" I say loudly with a smile, I get his plan.


"Good," he whispers. "Be good when I'm not here."


We kiss and he makes it unbearably amazing. Our tongues twist and slide against each other, trying to keep up. I wrap my arms around his neck and deepen the kiss. He was ravaging me on the porch in front of others to make it seem like we're really a couple. I wish we were, which is why I'm enjoying this wonderful kiss so much. His hands slide down to my butt and he grips it tightly for a moment before letting go. He releases me from his mouth and makes me gaze at him with amusement and greed.


"Bye," was the last thing he says before getting into his Cadillac coupe and driving away.


I pat my butt, it's sore. Yup, I'm falling for him.

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