A teenage girl is shipped off to boarding school after losing her mother and living with a drunk as a father. Come join Marcy Springdale as she over comes changes to know the truth about her mother and family.


3. Chapter Three

Chapter 3

"Marcy. Mmmmmmaaaaarrrrrccccyyy. Marcy!" Someone called.

"Hmm, what?" I said openings eyes. I had forgotten that I was still on the airplane.

"Hello. Sleep good?" Tony asked

"Yes, very well. Your shoulder is very comfy. Did u sleep well?"

"No, I couldn't really ever fall asleep."


"Yeah, but I'm not a big airplane sleeper anyway. When my dad and I get to the hotel he'll be making phone calls like crazy and I'll b face down on the bed fast asleep."

I giggled a little. "Hmm, see I don't get to do that. I don't have a nice comfy hotel bed to look forward to. I have a boarding school to look forward to."

"Which boarding school? There's a ton in London."

"Miss. Flora's School Of Girls," I answered

"Ah. Miss. Flora. She's the best and most expensive school, but they should really change the name."

"Why?" I asked suddenly excited.

"Because, Miss. Flora is dead and no longer the headmistress. And it is no longer just a girls school, they allow boys there as well," he explained

"So, Miss. Flora is dead? Who's the new headmistress then?"

"Mrs. Killwauskee."

"And boys are going there too?"

"Mmhmm. Girls still hold most of the population though."

I glupped. I wasn't excited anymore. I don't think my dad knew what he had signed me up for.

"What's wrong?" Tony asked


"Are you nervous?" Tony asked looking at my with concern in his eyes. I shook my head 'yes'.

"Don't worry. A pretty girl like you will fit right in."

I smile and tony put his arm around me.

He kept his arm around me for the rest of the flight. We talked and talked like we were best friends. But it didn't clam my nerves or make me happy. It reminded me of Drew and how we talked like this.


I went through customs and headed over to baggage claim with Tony beside me. I went upto a security's desk and asked them what I should do.

"Hi," I said approaching the desk.

"Hello. How can I help you?" She replied

"I'm Marcy Springdale and I'm traveling alone."

"Well, Miss. Springdale, where are you going?"

"My father told me that I was to meet a Mrs. Bartel, from Miss. Floras School Of Girls"

"Umm. Oh, I do have a paper for you. You are to meet Mrs. Bartel at entrance 13c."

"Could you please point me out to where that is?" I asked

"Sure." She handed me a map, "you're going to head out of baggage and take a right. Once you pass all the restaurants take another right and from there you can just follow the signs."

"Thank you very much. May I keep the map?"

"Of course and if you have any questions or you get lost just come and find one of us."

"Thanks again and I will." I left baggage and found Tony sitting on a bench.

"Where are you going?" He asked

"Entrance 13C, you?"

"Entrance 13B."


"Yeah, so where you make your right after the food court I make a left."

"I guess we better get going then," I said.

We walked off. We took the right and walked passed all the restaurants. They smelled amazing and I got hungry. When we got to the end of the food court I looked up at Tony.

"Well, I guess this is goodbye," I said sadly

"Yeah." Tony set down his luggage and opened his arms. I sat down mine and excepted. We stood there a good five minutes until I decided it was long enough.

"Goodbye," I said stepping out of the hug.

"Good luck," Tony replied.

I found Mrs. Bartel waiting for me at Entrance 13C.

"You must be March Springdale. I'm Mrs. Barrel from Miss Floras. Please follow me." She turned on her heel and swiftly walked off into the parking lot. I had no choice but to follow.

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