A teenage girl is shipped off to boarding school after losing her mother and living with a drunk as a father. Come join Marcy Springdale as she over comes changes to know the truth about her mother and family.


1. Chapter One

Chapter 1

Ever since I was a little girl I've lived with my dad. I don't have a lot of memories of my mom. There's only two pictures of her in the entire house. The picture of her and my dad on there wedding day, hangs above my dads bed, and one of her and I when I was a baby, hanging above my bed.

I know that my dad misses her, but I really can't miss her. When I was little my dad said that she had moved away. Every time I ask about mom my dad yells at me and goes off into his room. I know when my moms birthday is though. It's a sad day for my father but a happy one for me. Father stays in his room all day with the lights out and a single candle light. I spend the day in my dark room with a bunch of candles lit and "connect" with my mom.

My dads problem has gotten worse. He wants to find me a new mother but can't. He drinks too much and ends up sleeping with almost every girl he finds. I told him to stop. I've even signed him up for therapy, and he goes there twice a week. Sadly it's not going anywhere.

Under my pillow I've hidden foster care brouchers. I've looked at all of them a number of times an have thought about them really hard. I've even almost called some of them, as soon as the pick up I hang up, because I love my dad and I don't want to do that to him.

At school I get straight A's and I'm popular. I put what's going on at home out of my mind and focus on school. I have a ton of friends who I love, and who love me. I've never told anyone about what's going on at home. I know I should but I can't bring it to myself. I don't have a boyfriend even though everybody wants to be mine. I can't juggle home, school, friends, and a boyfriend.

"Marcy. I have to tell you something," my dad said walking into my room. I was sitting on my bed doing my homework.

"Yeah?" I replied looking up from the math problem.

"You're going to boarding school."

"What?! No dad! Please no! My friends are here and I'm getting all A's-"

"Marcy." Dad said cutting me off. "Please, sweetie. It has nothing to do because of ur grades or school. It's because of me. With you at home I can't get the proper help or find a mother for you. With you away I can get help and you can have a mother. It will only be for two years."

"So for the last two years of highschool I'm going to be away at some school? I'm going to miss the most important years of highschool! Dad you can't do this! I'm going to miss graduation, and all I my friends will have grown up already."

"You're not going to miss graduation. You leave in two weeks. You'll have plenty of time to see your friends over the holidays and you have phones, and computers so you can stay in touch with your friends. I know this is a big change and I'm going to miss you a bunch but it's for the better. It's going to be better for you and me."

"Dad-" I started

"I've seen the foster care brochures under your pillow. I've decided that this will be better for you an me than foster care."

"Daddy," I got up an walked over to him. "Daddy. I love you." I gave him hug.

"I love you too." He kissed the top of my head.

"Can I know more about my mother before I leave?" I asked.

"No. You'll find out a lot in about her in two weeks. Now go finish your homework."

He turned around and left. What did he mean I was going to find out a lot about my mom in two weeks? I closed my math binder and called,Lily, my best friend.

"Hello?" Lily said answering the phone.

"Lil, it's me. I need to tell you something."

"What is it?"

"My dad is sending me off to boarding school in two weeks."

"What?! No Marc you can't!"

"I don't have a choice, Lil. My dad just told me. I can't get out of it."

"But Drew was about to ask you out! Oops. I wasn't supposed to tell you that!"

"Drew. Drew was going to ask me out?"

"Yeah appearently he's crazy about you."

I sat down in my window seat an looked out across the street into Drews window.

"You mean the Drew that lives across from me and who has been my second best friend?" I asked.

"The one and only," Lily replied.

"Oh good Lord. How am I going to say no to him and tell him about school?"

"I don't know," Lily said.

"Hey, Lil, I have to tell you some other things."

I told Lily about my mom, dad and my dads problems. Truthfully it felt good to tell someone. I wished I had done it years ago. Lily and I talked for another hour before we hung up.

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