A teenage girl is shipped off to boarding school after losing her mother and living with a drunk as a father. Come join Marcy Springdale as she over comes changes to know the truth about her mother and family.


9. Chapter Nine

Chapter 9

"Bye!" We called as Jenifer left our dorm room the next morning.

"So. We have a whole day. What should we do?" I asked.

"Well, I don't have any homework," Emily said.

"Ditto," Nelli chimed in.

"Let's go dress shopping!" Emily said almost shouting.

"Em. The stores aren't even up yet," I said.

"Plus you and I haven't gotten asked," Nelli added.

"So? Just because we haven't gotten asked doesn't mean that we can't go. Plus we have four weeks to get asked," Emily said matter-of-factly.

"I have one question," I said. "Will Heather be with her boyfriend she has this month or the next month?"

"Hmm. That's a hard one. Because she wouldn't be caught dead single at a fancy dance. But since it's on the last day of the third month...I believe she will be with her third boyfriend," Nelli concluded.

"This will be interesting," I said.


"Hey Marcy. Come check this out," Nelli called. We were in the library researching for history. Since Emily and Nelli are almost down they took a break to help me.

"What?" I asked, walking over to tge chair was sitting in, next to the roaring fire.

"Look." She pointed to a picture of a little girl, of about four. The caption read: Miss Flora's daughter, Marcy Flora Robinson Springdale at age four.

"Isn't that you?" Emily asked from over my shoulder.

"Yeah. That would be me. Marcy Flora Springdale. And Miss Flora's name is Flora Robinson. So it works. And I have a picture of me when I was four. Hang on let me got and get it!" I left the library and raced to my room.


"Wow. Marcy, I think that is you," Emily breather. Us three girls were crowded around the picture of me and the picture that was in the book.

"I think I'm going to Mrs. Bartel and-" I stared but Nelli cut me off.

"No. You should go to Mrs. K."

"I don't want to go to Mrs. K with this get. I'm going to a person with lower authority , but one that still has a good amount of authority." I stated.

"When are you going?"

"Right now." I stood up and checked out the book.

I walked along the halls to Mrs. Barrels office. I had the book and my picture. I was only going to go to Mrs. K if Mrs. Bartel suggested it or if it gets out of control.

I reached Mrs. Barrels office and knocked.

"Come in," she said from the other side of the door.

"Hi Mrs. Bartel," I said opening the door.

"Well, hello, Marcy! What a nice surprise!"

"Mrs. Bartel I have a question. And I want to know the truthful answer and advice about what I should do."

"Ask away."

I showed her the pictures and told her what Emily, Neli, and I think. I figured she knew about the U.S. History project, so I left that out.

Mrs. Bartel studied the pictures very hard. After a couple minutes he set my picture down, closed the book and at me from across her oak wood desk.

"Marcy. By these pictures you do seem to be Miss Flora's daughter, but how can that be? Because Heather is Miss Flora's daughter."

"That's the thing! We, Emily, Neli, and I think that Heather has this big lie, and it's just going to blow up in her face."

"I see. Well, what we can do is not tell anyone, and like Neli said, just keep researching."

"But Mrs. Bartel. I'm tired of researching. I know that I'm Miss Flora's daughter!" I complained.

"Marcy! Calm down. Please. I know that you have put a lot of work into this already, however you just need to finish the project and forget about it. You'll be gone by Christmas if you don't." She warned.

I had half the mind to tell her about my phone call with my dad.

"Yes Mrs. Bartel. I will finish the project and forget all about it."

"Thank you. Now, would you like some tea?"

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