A teenage girl is shipped off to boarding school after losing her mother and living with a drunk as a father. Come join Marcy Springdale as she over comes changes to know the truth about her mother and family.


4. Chapter Four

Chapter 4

Mrs. Bartels car stopped in front of a building that looked like a castle. The lawn was perfectly trimmed and bright green. All the windows were spotless. The black rod iron grate was neat and shimmering.

"Welcome to Miss Floras School of Girls," Mrs. Bartel said.

A man came out and took my bags out of the trunk of the car.

"Oh, um I can take my own bags," I said to the man.

"Oh no, Miss, it's my job," the man replied with a thick accent. And with that he scooped up all the bags in an arm full and carried them off.

Mrs. Bartel took my arm in hers as we walked through the gate, and up the front walk.

"You see," she began. "Miss Springdale here at Miss Floras we treat our students like gest, and in turn most of our girls are proper young ladies. Who are kind, caring, and gentl people."

I nodded my head understandingly and thought about what she had said.

We reached the big polished cherry wood doors. Two doorman pulled open the doors revealing a grand entrance way. The marble floors we polished so much I could see my reelection in it as I walked. At the far end of the room there was a marble fire place sure to have a roaring fire in the winter. At either side of the fire place there were two grand marble stair cases. All along the room there were floor to ceiling windows. In all four corners of the room were potted plants, in gold pots. Hanging above each staircase there were gold colored boards with black lettering telling which rooms were in which wing. Mrs. Bartel started up the right hand staircase, and I followed.

"First, we are going to see the headmistress. Then I will give you a brief tour and show you your room." Mrs. Bartel said.

We walked up the stairs and took a left down the hall labeled "offices". We took two more lefts and a right until we came to the last office. On the for was a gold name plate that said "Headmisstress". Mrs. Bartel knocked on the door.

"Come in," said the Headmisstress.

"Hello,Miss," mrs. Bartel said. "I've brought the new students from America.

"Thank you Mrs. Bartel. Come in child." She told me. I walked in slowly. It was a small but spacious room. It had three dark oak wood cabinets behind the grand oak desk. Two of the cabinets were filled with books and the other had personal items or memories.

On the desk was a computer, a pen and pencil cup, stapler, coffee mug, earaser, along with one picture and a gold name plate the read: Jenny killwaulskee.

Hanging on the walls were posters that were suppose to raise up spirits. Hanging above an old fashion velvet couch was a portret of a woman who kinda looked like me. Under the picture it read "Ms. Flora Carol Hoper, our founder."

"Welcome Miss Springdale," Mrs. Killwaskee said extending her arm out.

"Hello," I said shaking her hand.

"We are very pleased to have you here."

"Thank you."

"Now, Miss Springdale lets get started, we have so much to talk about and so little time."

"All right."

"Please sit down." She told me. I sat down in the chair across from her desk and she sat behind her desk. "Here at Mrs. Floras we try try to let all of our students hang lose, so we don't have too many rules, but the few that we do have we enforce tremendously."

Mrs. Killwaskee went on talking about the major school rules. She told me what the consequences are if any rules should be broken. She also told me that since I was new I would get three chances. That's one chance per rule. She said that my dad had called ahead and would be checking in with me for the frist week or so.

When she finished talkin she stood up and handed me a slip of paper.

"I hope that you can come to me and find me as a friend," she finished.

"Don't worry Mrs. Killwaskee I will come to you if anything gets too out of hand," I replied.

"Oh and one more thing. Everybody calls me Mrs. K., so please feel free to do that."

"All right." Mrs. Bartel stood up from her seat on the couch.

"Thank you Miss, I shall be taking Miss. Springdale on a tour now."

"That sounds very sooting. I hope you enjoy your time here, Miss Springdale, I have high expectations."

I nodded and Mrs. Bartel led me through the sort and back down the line of offices pointing out and naming each one.

I looked down at the paper Mrs. K had givin me. It was a class schedule and it also had my room assighment on it. There was also a note scribbled across the bottem, it read:

I know that you will become very courious in the next few weeks but do not harm yourself or any other students. Also keep in mind the rules, you only get on chance per rule. So be wise little one. ~Mrs. K.

"Here we are!" Mrs. Bartel said. "I have to do some paper so I trust that you can get settled in on your own?"

"Yes. Thank you very much Mrs. Bartel," I replied and she walked away. I looked down at my sheet and walked down the hallway. I found my dorm and turned the door handle. I walked into a room that had a kitchen and living area. Off to the side there were three doors with gold name plates. I was starting to notice that almost anything with a name on it was gold, very fancy. I opened the door on the right , which had my name on it. I walked into a bedroom lit only by sunlight. Off to the left there was a big picture window with purple curtains. There was white carpet on the floor. Except for a white desk and a sliver desk under the window the room was bare. I walked back out and into the living room/kitchen area.

The kitchen was a small area completed with a roster oven, microwave, tea kettle, stove, sink, and refigderator. In the loving room there was a soft carpet, flat screen tv, two couches and a recliner. There was also a coffee table and a big cabinet that would be full of movies, I'm sure.

There was a knock on the door, I went over and opened it. Standing there was the man who had taken my luggage from Mrs. Bartel's car.

"Hello," he greeted.


"Which is your room I have your luggage?"

"The one on the right."

He walked into my room and then back out after setting down my luggage.

"The rest of the students should've serving in the next hour," he said leaving.

"Thank you!" I called after him. I shut the door and say down on the couch, turned on the tv and texted Drew and Lily.

About an hour later another girl walked in. I turned off the tv and set down my phone.

"Oh, hello. I thought I'd be the first on here! Oh well can't be the first every year!" The girl walking in said.

"Hello. I'm Marcy Springdale, I'm new here this year which is why I'm the first one," I replied.

"Oh. Well it's nice to meet you Marcy. I'm Nelli West. I hope we can become the best of friends this year!"

"As do I!"

Nelli and I talked about things we like for about ten minutes before another girl walked in.

"Ahhh! Emily!!" Nelli screamed.

"Nelli!!" Emily yelled back.

"You know there's no yelling in the dorms," came a male voice from the door.

"Malcolm!" Nelli and Emily yelled together.

"Ladies!" Malcolm replied giving them hugs, but I noticed his eyes never left me. I got up and introduced myself. Malcolm shook my hand and a zap went through my arm, I shook it off, but when I looked at his face I realized that he had felt something too.

Around three o'clock everyone was called down to the front hall. When we reached the front hall it was like we had walked into a furniture store! There were dressers, bookshelfs, and beds all in different colors, styles, and stains. Nelli and Emily went over to a reserved section for returning students who want their furniture from last year. I looked around the room and found Mrs. K.

"Hello, Marcy. Your father had reserved some things for you. Go over there and tell them your last name," she instructed smiling.

"Ok, thank you," I said and walked over to the reserved section.

I walked upto a lady with a clip board and told her my last name. She pointed over to the section labeled "S" and checked my name on the clipboard. I thanked her and walked over to the "S" section. I found another lady with a clipboard and told her my last name. She walked me over to my bundle of furniture.

"When you've finished looking if you want to make changes find me, but if you like how it looks than you can head to the cafiteria and pick out lights."

"Thank you," I said.

I began to look through what my sad had picked. There was a white bookshelf, a white bedside table, a blue loft, a cherrywood with blue glass bubble nobs dresser, a white dresser with a painted purple front, and a blue bowl chair. I noticed it was like what I had at home. I knelt down and opened the drawer on the bottom of the bookshelf. All of my love notes, and notes were there. I guess my dad just shipped all my furniture over seas.

I walked over into the light section, I decided that I would ignore what my dad had reserved and chose my own lightig system. I found a standing chanadlier, black track lighting and sown white spotlights. I found a man with a clipboard. I told him my name and what lights I wanted. He told me that I had things reserved and should check those out first. I told him that I didn't care and that I wanted these. He sighed and marked which ones I wanted down by my name. I thanked him and walked back to my room.

I found Nelli and Emily each sitting on a couch texting and watching Food Netwrk. I pulled my phone out and texted Drew.

"Hey Marcy?" Nelli asked


"Can I have your number?"


"Oh! Me too," Emily chimed in. I gave them my number and went back to texting Drew. My phone was running low on power so I went to my room to get my charger, when a random number called me.

"Hello?" I asked

"Hi," the person, who sounded male, replied.

"Who is this?"

"Malcolm. I stopped by you're room earlier."

"I know."

"So I know that you're new here, so I asked Nelli for your number to let you know that you can count on me as a friend."

"Oh. Thanks. I would love to talk to you more but my phones just about to die so I'll text you later!"




I hung up and plugged my phone in to charge. I set it on my desk and walked back out into the living room.

"So when's the furniture coming?" I asked

"Around five thirty, along with pizza, soda and a movie." Nelli explained.

"Sounds fun!"

"Oh it is!" Emily exclaimed.

"So is it like a surprise what movie and pizza you get?" I asked

"Kinda." Nelli started, "pizza wise you either get cheese or peporinie. Soda wise it's root beer, sprite, orange, or Dr. Pepper. And for the movie it's what's recent."

"And if nothing is really that recent it's an old classic!" Emily added.


I walked into my room and shut the door. I leaned against my door and took a deep breath before walking over to my phone and checking Instagram. Drew and Lily had posted pictures of me saying that they missed me. I commented on them saying that I missed them too. I then posted a picture of me and my room saying that that I loved my new room, but that it needed decorations and that I had a fun full day of adventures.

I put my phone back down on my desk and put of my pajamas. I brushed my teeth and hair and went over to my book shelf. I grabbed out one of my fall back books. I them grabbed my phone, made sure my alarm was on and climbed into bed.

At nine o'clock I shut my book, texted drew goodnight, turned off my reading light, and soon fell into a dreamed filled sleep.

*(A/N sorry this was a such a long chapter! I'll try to update chapter five ASAP! )*

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